D in earlier courses! am i screwed?

<p>When i first started at my cc i really didn't give two craps about my education and was really more interested in working and video games. Getting to the point I was a complete idiot and got mostly Ds my first semester, the classes were complete bogus criminal justice 101 and Art. Well since then with a little help ( from my dad kicking my butt and friends surport), i have brought my gpa to a 3.02 and I am well on course to transfer as a biology major next fall. So my dilemma is that the 2 Ds are really keeping my gpa from really being much higher and because the courses are not required for transfering my counselor has advised me to not retake them and concentrate on finishing the rest of my pre-reqs for the next school year. I really just want to know if i should just retake these courses to replace my lesser grades and if it would help my chances intime for applying this Nov.</p>

<p>definitely retake the courses it will boost your gpa tremendously</p>