D is in school and there's a big gold envelope...

<p>If it's a rejection, then they're mean to put it in such a big envelope. I'm cautiously optimistic....</p>

<p>I left it in the mailbox, since she usually brings it in after school. But I did have to peek:)</p>

<p>Giant gold envelope! too late - I already texted, but have not heard back. She got the Stanford reject email at school, so I'll let her have the fun of good news at school so she can share it.</p>

<p>she texted back and wanted me to open it for her - happy day!</p>

<p>D came in the door, carrying the mail, but she hadn't noticed the big gold envelope! She started telling me what a terrible day she'd had...and then she saw the envelope and she went silent!<br>
Needless to say, she now is viewing this as a totally awesome day!</p>

<p>I'm happy too since my older daughter is at Carleton so I get to visit both more easily!</p>

<p>Bingle, was your Ds gold envelope EDII decision or an invitation to the Buntrock Scholarship Weekend? May I ask where you are from...to gauge the distance for mail. We are in the midwest and waiting patiently. Thanks</p>

<p>We're in the San Francisco Bay area and it was an ED2 acceptance letter.</p>

<p>We are in greater Seattle area and D was RD acceptance plus Buntrock invitation.</p>

<p>I'm in the Midwest and it was an RD + Buntrock. Good luck, travelthrulife!</p>

<p>D got RD acceptance and the Buntrock Finalist Invitation along with the Service Leadership Scholarship! We are excited.</p>