D-Plan / Study Abroad

<p>Since the D-plan and the study abroad opportunities are two of Dartmouth's great characteristics, I just wanted to ask if maybe some current/former Dartmouth students could elaborate a little bit on their personal experiences and maybe tell a little story about what exactly they did etc. I'd love to hear some personal anecdotes :)</p>

<p>Sure thing. Sophomore summer did a presidential scholarship. Junior fall I did a one-on-one "research course" to prepare for my thesis with the head of my dept. Junior winter I got a $10K grant to do my thesis research in the pacific. Junior Spring I did a language study abroad in barcelona. Senior year worked on my thesis with two advisors one-on-one. </p>

<p>Amazing year I'll never forget.</p>

<p>my s 08 did french studies in lyon...3 courses one by a dartmouth prof
and 2 by french profs..his home placement was with a wonderful family in a
flat in town so he could just walk downstairs to a street full of stores including fresh bread..lyon has wonderful transportation in town and high speed rail to paris..they traveled on weekends to monte carlo. spain, germany
switzerland etc..and though he had french in high school we never heard him speak it fluently as he could upon his return..no doubt lyon studies a highlight of his dartmouth years</p>

<p>I didn't get a chance to study abroad during my Dartmouth career--one of the downsides of doing a double major with neither one particularly amenable to it. But as far as the D-Plan: I got an intern spot at an incredibly competitive place in my field, due entirely to a Dartmouth alum. I blitzed him asking if he had any tips for getting in the door, and five minutes later he blitzed back asking, "When do you want to start?"</p>

<p>my daughter, an 09, is currently doing an internship in chile that is sponsored by the national science foundation. she is working at astronomical observatories in northern chile with five other american students and two chilean students. she returns home on easter sunday and she leaves a few days later for a dartmouth run foreign study art history program in italy that runs for 10 weeks. it seems to us the ability to take advantage of these types of activities is one of the strengths of the d-plan.</p>

<p>Do they have scholarships for studying abroad?</p>

<p>Any need based aid you are entitled to remains available (and may be slightly increased if the costs of a program exceed the cost of a term on campus.) See this link - Program</a> Fees and Financial Aid > Off-Campus Programs at Dartmouth College</p>

<p>In addition, there are a limited number of scholarships available for certain leave term internships students might be interested in, including some which might be spent out of the country (ie terms which would otherwise be the equivalent of summer break), but students and their proposed program need to meet the specific requirements of the scholarship and they are not guaranteed. See this:
Scholarship</a> List
Be sure to check the links and sublinks under Other Dartmouth Funding Sources as they are Dartmouth-specific</p>

<p>In addition, Dartmouth has recently implemented a program called Eliminating FInancial Barriers, were you can apply for increased funding to cover expenses such as airline tickets to take you on your study abroad (Dartmouth really does try not to let the cost of a plane ticket get in the way of a student studying abroad, doing an internship or participating in research).</p>

<p>Thanks ohmadre and sybbie.</p>

<p>My interviewer said he spent a year in France as a teacher's assistant, and said it helped him learn the language and what-not, but that was probably some 30 odd years ago...</p>