D3 Coach Communication Issues

I’m a senior and very deep in the recruiting process for swimming. My top choice right now is a D3 NESCAC. However, I’ve had some major communication issues with the coach. He’s expressed interest and enthusiasm over what I could do for the team. I keep him apprised quite regularly with updates on academics and athletics. However, he takes FOREVER to respond, to the point where I often have to send several follow up emails to get his attention. Additionally, he hosted a meet the team Zoom call last week (I couldn’t attend) and stated his intention to run another call this week, however it never happened. I’m pretty flustered with the lack of communication.Does this lack of contact demonstrate that he’s lost interest in me as a recruit?

I want to get the ball rolling and let him know that the school is my top choice and that I’d love to swim there, however I don’t want to come off as being pushy. From what I’ve heard from several friends in the NESCAC, this is about time where one begins to see commitment offers, and I’m kinda surprised that there hasn’t been any real discussion between us yet concerning that. How should I handle the whole communication situation and let him know that I would like to swim for his school?

Now is not the time to be shy. Be pushy. Boast about your numbers and tell the coach that school is your first choice.

Agree, coaches want kids that want to be at their school. All else being equal I think the will pick kids that are enthusiastic about their program. So I agree, let the coach know his school is your first choice. You can also ask him where he is with his recruiting process. Others have written that lack of communication doesn’t always mean a coach has lost interest, and that was my son’s experience (in a different sport). Finally, I know Williams suspended recruiting over the summer as Admissions sorted through who was deferring etc and they didn’t know how many athletic spots they would be able to offer the '21s. So something like that could be why the coach was out of touch.

So I should just straight up tell him that I want to study and for his school?

It took a while for me to get my transcripts etc. from my guidance counselor so I wasn’t able to get an official preread done over the summer. However he said my academics looked very good. Should I ask him anything having his support with the admissions process?

You should be able to get a preread now (they can be offered any time after July 1 in the NESCAC). Has the coach offered you a preread?

You could say something along the lines of “Coach, I am writing to let you know where I am in the recruiting process. I’ve talked to several schools and I am focused on liberal arts colleges. I would love to be able to swim for XXX and XXX is my first choice. I would appreciate you letting me know where you are with recruiting, and if it would be possible to have a preread.”

If he says yes to the preread that is a good sign. If he says no, then that tells you that you aren’t one of the top recruits at this point. If you get a preread, then assuming you pass it/get the green light from Admissions, you aren’t done. The coach needs to offer you a spot on the team and also agree to support your application with admissions. They need to explicitly say both pieces.

Agree with others that now is not the time to be shy.
I do not know how many slots the NESCACs allow for swimming but it is limited. So it is important to know where you stand pre-read wise And where you are on his board and if plans to offer you a slot/full support.
As others have said, let him know how excited you are about the opportunity to attend X and swim for the team…and ask him outright where you stand and if plans to offer you a slot.
As a side but important note, do you know where you stand as far as your times (will you have an impact on the team and score points at meets?) and how do your grades and scores stack up for admittance to this NESCAC? Are your grades in the mix?

If a coach wants you, they are usually pretty clear about it, as they would like mutual commitment.

Notice how many posters have said that you shouldn’t be “shy,” and you are worried about being “pushy.” You are not being pushy by trying to find out where you stand. If a coach can’t support you, they usually let you know. On the other hand, in many sports there is quite a bit of movement up and down with Ivies and laterally between D3s. If you aren’t front of mind, you may be forgotten.

You have gotten good advice about approaching the coach. My only suggestion is that you call - often - and follow up by email. From the history as you have described it, the coach may think you are not that interested (not making the Zoom call). You need to let the coach know where you are in the process and find out what the coach thinks. Yesterday, if possible.

I’m with the others; reach out to the coach by text or email so he knows you’re still interested. Ask where he is in the process.

What you’re describing could very well be a coach who isn’t very interested, or perhaps more interested in others. Or it could be a coach who isn’t organized, is haphazard with communication, busy, or had something come up. The only way to find out is to keep contacting him.

But I’d call or text if email isn’t working. Some coaches aren’t good at email.