D3 coach pull

I have been in contact with a cmc coach for a bit, but after months and months of thinking about it and researching it I have decided I no longer want to pursue my sport competitively. I figured I would just tell this coach up front that I don’t want to compete for their team and that I will apply to CMC early anyways. I thought this would mean I’d get no admissions help, however on this one thread a CMC poster said the school is huge on sports and even if you dont want to keep competing the coaches could voice some sort of support for you in admissions? I’m pretty sure this is not true, but just wanted to see if anyone knew anything about this and could confirm/deny. Thanks!

My son’s a D3 swimmer and looked closely at Pomona (met in person with the coach and really liked him) before committing to a top NESCAC school. And while it’s certainly true that CMC offers supports to its top athletic recruits, that support is a limited resource. So it’s unlikely that the CMC coach would spend that currency on an applicant who is no longer interested in swimming for the team.

I obviously know nothing of your circumstances, but, unless you’ve been plagued with injuries, I’d encourage you to reconsider. My son has had an absolute blast swimming DIII – the time of his life. It has enriched his whole college experience. And there is really no downside to at least trying it and seeing if you like it – especially if that effort comes with the perk of virtually guaranteed admission to an exceptional but highly competitive college.

@swimdad99 I feel like going in with the intention of quitting is just a bad idea plus running being a year round, high commitment sport, I know it would be hard for me to walk away from my team or I would lose many friends whom I’d previously been spending 15-20 hrs/week with if I quit. I didnt make this decision lightly I’ve thought through it for over six months, but I appreciate your input anyways!:slight_smile: