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My DD has had offers from some lower D1 and top D3 schools. She had several pre reads which all came back positive. Of the offers, there was one NESCAC school that is in her top three. The coach told her she would receive full support if she applies ED. She told the coach that she is committing. I am so nervous for her because I know none of this is legally binding. Has anyone every heard of a NESCAC coach pulling full support ? Or is this a done deal with just the formality of ED to go through.

Welcome to the roller coaster! It is nerve wracking as a parent because there are no guarantees. When my kid applied ED with a roster spot, it drove me crazy not to have something in writing somewhere, but all we had was a hand shake. Still, a D3 coach’s support in exchange for ED and a roster spot is pretty reliable.

The challenge is that the admission decision is made by Admissions and not Athletics so coach support helps, but does not guarantee admission. As we really cannot see “behind the curtain,” there could, in theory, be the potential that a coach’s support actually provided was less than originally offered, and no one would be the wiser. But again, a coach whose recruits were not admitted ED after successful pre-reads and statements to recruits about acceptances for similarly situated applicants, would be haunted in recruiting going forward as word would spread quickly.

Bottom line, coach support with a positive pre-read and an understanding about past admits with similar stats, is about as close to a sure thing as one can get in the process. The advantage for recruits applying ED is that their process has a lot more clarity than the ordinary application process, and that it is completed by the end of the fall. Hang in there!

You definitely do hear stories, and I am aware of it happening. On the other hand, I would say the primary reason for things not working out is a misunderstanding about the nature of the support with the coach. D3 coaches don’t usually try to hedge their bets (although some surely do), but sometimes what is said is misconstrued. So, an applicant may think there is “full” coach support, but actually there was some sort of hedge.

You often can get an email (i.e., a writing) from the coach about the pre-read results and you could draft an email to the coach saying that you will apply ED provided the coach provides admissions support. And, if it makes you feel better, you should by all means do it. However, if push comes to shove, none of it will make a difference. The only agreement memorialized is that the coach will provide support with admissions.

The coach can provide support and admissions can still deny the application. And, often if a coach transmits the results of the pre-read by email, it usually is accompanied by the qualifier that it is not a guarantee of admission.

Let’s say that NESCAC school has a 15% admit rate and that all things being equal (which they are not) any given student has a 15% shot of admission. If with coach support and a positive pre-read you raise the odds to 80% – well that’s pretty good. If you still feel nervous about it (and you probably do), just ask the coach what the chances for admission are with the positive pre-read and support. Ask what could throw a monkey wrench into the process. If you have that conversation, I think your stomach will feel marginally better. Let’s face it, it’s the time of the year for nausea.

@irish2121 I would not worry. My son is in a similar situation - accepted top NESCAC offer over D1 offers. Pre-reads exist for this very reason. Any coach that offers and gets commits IMHO is bound by their reputation and that of the school to honor the offer, save for a terrible application essay or similar circumstance.

This is indeed a done deal with just the formality of ED to go through. Congrats!

My son was in a similar situation. It all worked out with the Nescac he is attending.

The only caveat we were concerned with was the coach reminding him during the Fall of senior year to keep all grades up, especially in math and science as he was applying as an engineering major. So maintaining straight A’s the first quarter of senior year with so much stuff going on was some added stress.
The coach also reminded him not to be a knucklehead and get arrested, suspended etc. LOL

Congrats !!

Same position right now. Not NESCAC, but top West Coast LAC. We have an email with green light on pre-read, and just got verbal assurance of “full support” to admissions for ED. I’ve read a lot on this site that gives me comfort, but still won’t feel solid until we have admissions letter in hand. Trying to decide if we should send confirmatory email, but don’t want to be a pest. Add to it that the verbal assurance was only to kid; no parent on the call! (Kid did take notes and wrote down “full support to admissions.”) I’m thinking we do confirmatory email right before submitting ED app? Thoughts?

^^^completely reasonable for parents to get on the phone towards the end of the process (or email). Also if you are applying for fin aid, some schools will do an FA pre-read for the recruits.

@ajswimmom, Please don’t worry about being a “pest.” This is your kid’s college decision, so it is very important to ensure that you have understood the coach correctly. If the coach does really want your kid, he or she will bend over backwards to make sure the kid applies and gets admitted. A coach wanting your kid will be happy to clarify the “offer” by email.

Have your kid write an email something like this: “My parents want to make sure they understand my chances for admission before they let me apply early. Could you confirm that you will provide full support with admissions? While I realize that there are no guarantees of admission, could you estimate the likelihood of admission with your support or at least let me know how many recruits in a position similar to mine have been accepted and rejected.”

Thank you! Great advice.