DAANNG..Not so great freshman year?

<p>Ok, well Im a freshman in highschool and kind of disspointed by how I did this year.
Grade wise, my final grade for math will be like a B in honors geom (awwfull teacher/year/subject), for French an A (even though I had A+s all year, the fact that had one A- killed it all) Italian A, Bio A- (grr...I started off badly brought it up to an A+ then bombed a quiz and now I have a B+...plus I got a C+ on the midterm) A for History, and an A for English. I always feel crappy at this time of year because I am really bad at studying and I always regret not shutting off youtube and studying more....I try hard to study but I am so easily distracted.</p>

<p>My extra curriculars are much better than my grades I think. I am part of the youth group at the local museum where we organize museum exhibits and events (group of like 15 kids), I co-run a charity that donates prom dresses to underpriveledged girls, and outside of school, I study Arabic and am teaching myself Dutch. </p>

<p>So, even though I didnt have the strongest year, do you all think I can still make it to Princeton someday? </p>

<p>Merciii <3</p>

<p>Luckly for you, Princeton doesn’t consider your freshman GPA. And I have that confirmed by an adcom. Good for you, I’m in the same exact position, except the other way around. I have a pretty good GPA (3.8) but no ecs except for student council. (my school didn’t offer them. Thank god I’m going to a new school.) You’re fine, don’t worry. Even if you didn’t apply and applied to Columbia, or Penn, or Harvard (who do consider your freshman GPA), I’m sure you’d be fine, because those schools love to see trends. Next year I’ll have a 4.7 GPA, so I’m sure that’ll be a great trend :stuck_out_tongue: haha. Stanford doesn’t look at your freshman grades either. A lot of students sorta slack off during freshman year, and get it together by sophomore. I’m sure they understand that. Good luck!!</p>

<p>Princeton and Stanford don’t consider freshman grades? Holy crap, that helps me so much…</p>

<p>And i’m pretty much in the same position you are, except i’m going to be a junior next year. I wasn’t totally accustomed to the challenges of a tougher curriculum so i kinda slacked off freshman year…but i COMPLETELY improved sophomore year, almost getting straight As. Even if another school you like DOES consider the full GPA, you probably have enough opportunity throughout your high school career to pull that GPA up…you might even be able to work that into an extremely heartfelt college essay about improvement, perserverence, and academic risk-taking.</p>