DAAP (Communication Design) aspirant

Our 17 year old daughter will be applying to the DAAP Communication Design program later this year… she has an weighted GPA of 4.32 with 6 honors and 5 AP courses so far. Plans to take 2 more in her senior year. She got a scholarship to attend the DAAPCamp last summer and simply loved it. She also won a Gold Key at the regional Scholastic Awards 2019. She took ACT in late 2019 and scored 30 (composite). She is planning to write one more time to improve that score. Meantime, she attended the Scripps Journalism Camp at Ohio University, and joined the NAHS at school and is currently working as the Lead Graphic Designer at her school newspaper. She will be doing the Digital Design Internship program through her school next year. What is a good DAAP score and does her profile match with what DAAP Admissions will typically look at? What else could she do to give herself a good chance at DAAP? Looking for advice from all the DAAP Dads and Moms who have been through this phase before :slight_smile:

Congratulations, your daughter sounds like a very accomplished young woman! It’s certainly hard to find reliable admissions information on DAAP. I can tell you my child was accepted with a much lower GPA (can’t remember exactly, A-; only 1 AP but several honors classes) and 34 ACT, but I don’t know how much that might have been boosted by strong leadership extracurriculars and a solid essay. My guess would be that your daughter will be just fine, especially if her ACT goes up. Remember that they stress reflection in the essay. And if I could speculate as to one thing that might help (for colleges in general), it would be to add a community service, self-starting, or leadership extracurricular if it doesn’t over-stress her. Best of luck!