DAAP Communication Design Chances?

Hello everyone! I just would like to get some honest feedback from those of you who have been involved/accepted to the DAAP at UC.

I turned in the early admission application well before the due date. I worked for at least a month on perfecting everything on it. I had 3 solid letters of recommendation. Lots of extracurriculars/volunteer experiences and what I thought was a very good essay. Proofread by multiple English teachers.

I put down on my application Communication Design (1st choice) and Fashion Design (2nd Choice.) I’ve heard that DAAP is very numbers based though. I have a very good GPA and I’m in the top 10% of my class.
GPA: (unweighted) 3.98
Top 10%
I will have well over 30 college credits when I graduate from various accredited universities and I’ve taken most honors courses throughout high school. My course load definitely hasn’t been easy.

With that being said my ACT isn’t very good. I took it a total of 6 times and took private tutoring/prep classes galore. My score didn’t go up hardly at all from that.
ACT: 23. (Composite)
I know it isn’t very strong and I’m not proud of it but I tried everything I could and just couldn’t master the test.

I was wondering if all of the things I mentioned above would make up for the not-so-good ACT score. I’m very nervous about being rejected and I know I likely will be. (I do have other universities that are backup plans though, so it’s not like this is the only place I applied.) You guys can be 100% honest with me, I’d just like some feedback. Communication Design seemed to be one of the more tough programs to get into, but I’m very passionate about it.
Thanks in advance if anyone replies.

My D applied to Comm. design in DAAP.
Her GPA is 3.9 and some AP courses.
But, not a good ACT (23) and SAT (1300).
I heard we will know the result in Jan 18 (5 PM).
Hope my D gets an admission.
Good luck with you!

Thank you! Good luck to you as well.

I was confused the decision date. It was yesterday Jan. 17.
Have you checked your decision status?