DAAP ID senior.......if you need any guidance

So my daughter just finished her last co-op and will be graduating in the spring 2019. she has had amazing co-ops she has learned so much and gone out of her comfort zone socially. joined a sorority, volunteered at DAAP makers market, was a foster for 4 paws for ability UC (service dogs in training for children with disabilities), participated with DAAP tribunal, a few honor societies at UC…deans list every semester.

just found out she will be receiving an award for top 100 seniors in january. she has no idea who nominated her but it is a very prestigious award.

if any of you are parents looking for guidance with housing, socializing, etc., hit me up.

@daapmom so great to hear your daughter had such a wonderful experience at UC. My D is a freshman in ID this year. I’m starting to worry about housing - it seems like on campus is the easiest since they will let you out of your housing contract if you have a co-op. Any suggestions on that?

IDtoTX i sent you a private message. there are facebook groups for kids looking to sublet their rooms for a semster. it is the best way for kids on co-ops to be able to live off campus.

Hi @daapmom, do you know if the ID kids have many opportunities for study abroad? I don’t see much on UC’s website specifically for design students.

i am not sure…that would be a question for your student to ask their advisor

Hi @daapmom , congratulations on your daughters graduation and awards. As a parent of a DAAP ID student, your posts have been super helpful for seveal years. Thank you for sharing your experiece through this process. Best of luck to your daughter in her career.

Did she find the school to be helpful in finding job offers after graduation? How is the current job market for graduating seniors in ID?

hi everyone…no the school did not help at all in finding a job. actually her co-op advisor who we did not like the entire time had the nerve to tell my daughter to expect to find a job in a year because her portfolio was not good and there were many students that were more talented then her. to tell you the truth…she graduated 2 weeks ago and she already landed a 4 month contract for hire position with a company in new jersey. she starts on june 3rd.

Well congratulations to your daughter for finding work so quickly!

Hi @daapmom… we are accepted into DAAP for this fall. Looking at computers. DAAP recommends mac or PC laptops. PC much less expensive. Does your daughter have an opinion on what an ID student at UC should have? What percentage approximately use PC laptop and what Mac? Thanks so much!

my daughter had a PC. she said there was about a 50-50 that had PC versus MAC she had a PC because we always had PC at home and that was what she was comfortable with

Thank you! I appreciate your help.

Hi @daapmom! Thank you so much for your advice for us newbies to DAAP! I was wondering with the coop schedule and the kids not having summers off, how much free time do they have between coops and school semesters? Thanks!!!

normally they get 2 weeks