Dallas cop mistakenly thinks she is home and kills a man

How do you not realize you are not in your apartment???



How messed up do you have to be to gain access to the wrong home and then shoot to kill?
He just so happens to be AA. Hmm?

@“aunt bea” I didn’t even look at the race, I just wonder if she was tested for drugs or alcohol? Probably not! She should definitely be charged with negligent homicide. His family will never see him but the city should be ready to cut a big fat check.

exactly! @partyof5!

I imagine they might be neighbors if it is an apartment complex? There is no excuse for this either way, but depending on the time of day, it might have contributed to her confusion. This is a sad tragedy.

The good news is: “Dallas police have handed the investigation over to the Texas Rangers and removed themselves as the lead investigative agency.”

I personally don’t trust agencies that are investigating themselves or one of their own employees, they rarely even get indicted and it is hard to be unbiased. I think handing it over to other authorities is a better chance of an unbiased and a more thorough investigation.

I’m going to follow this story, something just doesn’t add up. I wonder if there was a relationship. I don’t have any stats but I rarely hear stories of female officers being trigger happy.

D and I walked to ‘our’ car in a parking lot. Clicked the FOB, heard the audible tone, got in. It took several seconds before we realized it was not our car! Same vehicle, same color, parked a few feet from our vehicle. They happened to have left their car unlocked.

Fast forward. I’m sitting in my car, in a parking lot, eating the lunch just purchased at Whole Foods. My back door opens and a man tries to get in. I’m startled and shocked. The group he is with is laughing and yelling - hey dude WRONG CAR.

Lots of blue early body style Highlanders out there…

Stuff happens.

A car is not the same as an apartment.

I wonder if his door was unlocked? (How else could she just walk in?)

There’s another good reason to lock your door, car as well as home: the inattentive intruder.

Was the race of the officer mentioned?

@TomSrOfBoston She is Caucasian.

News newness report says blood sample was taken…

And she is being charged with manslaughter.

Just awful.

@dietz199 I did the same thing earlier this year. Got into a car waiting for me outside of Target, only it was a stranger’s car, boy were we both surprised! I wonder whether the officer just got off a double shift or night shift, and whether the apartments all look very similar. But that still doesn’t explain how the situation escalated out of control like that, the guy whose car I hopped into certainly didn’t shoot me, we just were like WTH, who are you? And were soon laughing about it. Didn’t the officer notice that the furniture was different?

Going in the wrong apartment isn’t the issue…it’s shooting the person there before looking around and seeing…and thinking…that is the issue.

We had the car thing happen with a girl who was friends with our son. That was funny.

There was a case in my city a while back where an extremely drunk guy went into the wrong house in the wee hours after breaking a window. He was shot and killed by the homeowner.

A cop just getting off work would presumably not be drunk and should recgnize she’s not in her apartment.

So awful. One needs to be absolutely drunk or on something to not recognize the appartment is not theirs!!!

Back in my college days, a guy mistakenly walked into my dorm room after getting into a wrong dorm (his dorm was a mirror image of our dorm)… but the guy was drunk to the point he could barely walk. He questioned me what I was doing in his room… This was the first time and the last time I punched a person in the face.

As someone who more than once has tried to get into a car that turned out to be somebody else’s and who has sat down in the wrong cubicle at work, I can easily see how she could have mistaken one apartment for another.

But I don’t carry a gun.

I can see getting off an elevator on the wrong floor and heading the the wrong apartment; I’ve done it. But, as soon as I pull my key out and realized it wouldn’t open the door, I stepped back and realized I had gotten off a floor that someone else was getting on. The elevator door opened and I wasn’t paying attention and thought it was my floor.

Unless she was drunk, I can not imagine how she would think this person was actually in her unit. No where have I heard how the apartment door got opened; did the owner hear the cop at the door, looked through the peephole, seeing a uniformed officer and opened the door? How horrible for this man and his family.

Perhaps the door was open, and the officer mistakenly thought that she was walking into a burglary in progress in her apartment, when it was really the apartment of the person she thought was the burglar. And if the person whose apartment it was happened to be in the kitchen preparing food holding a knife…

(The above is not an excuse or justification if it happens to be the case.)

More questions than answers.