Dance Audition?

<p>Website says: “If dance is your strong suit, you may present a dance piece one minute or less in length.” Does anyone know how much this has bearing on acceptance into musical theater program? This is the only school my D is auditioning for that requires a choreographed piece. Just wondering if it is necessary, because these kids already have so much to do.</p>

<p>I have had several students admitted to American and none prepared a dance piece (dance was not their strongest suit). I would do just as the directions say......the dance piece is optional but if it is a real strength, they are giving you an opportunity to share a sample. If it is not a strength, don't bother. But if it is a strength, it seems a good idea to include it.</p>

<p>Thanks soozievt - I suppose the answer is to have her do the dance audition.</p>

<p>My D auditioned last year. She is a strong dancer, but didn't really have time or inclination to prepare a solo piece - so she skipped it. She still got in. They asked about her dance experience, but otherwise didn't comment about a prepared piece. I assume, it might help if your dancing is stronger than your singing, but otherwise I really think it is optional. Just my 2 cents... (plus she is happy with the dance program at AU - loves the jazz teacher!)</p>