Dance auditions for Fall 2014

<p>My DD is planning on attending the Marymount Manhattan audition for dance. She is going to attend the one in Florida in February. Is anyone else out there auditioning in Florida? I was curious how many people may be attending. I've heard the auditions in NYC are very crowded. But since we live in Florida that's best for us. DD is applying to about 8 schools so there will be a lot of travel plans. I'd love to hear from others who may be attending.</p>

<p>My DD is a junior and we will be visiting Marymount Manhattan next month . I was wondering what other schools you are looking at and what her favorites are so far . Good luck with the audition. I hope you post insights into that process as well.</p>

<p>My daughter just visited Marymount a few days ago. She absolutely loved it. She says it's her 1st choice. I didn't see it yet. My husband and her did the college tours this time around. She's also applying to Fordham, NYU, And Pace in NYC. Also University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She got accepted the other day to Point Park in Pittsburgh. But she still had to audition for them. She's going to Atlanta in December for that one. Most of the NYC schools are having auditions in Florida in Feb and March that she's attending. There's so much that's required just to apply. I'm on overload. Thankfully we are almost done.</p>

<p>My daughter just got accepted to Marymount Manhattan the other day. She visited a few weeks ago and loved it. It is her 1st. choice, but she still has the audition in February. Pace is her 2nd choice, and Fordham her 3rd. Now its just auditions, auditions, and more auditions. Then the waiting game.</p>

<p>I’m looking to hear others experiences at dance auditions. My D only had one so far. All the rest start next weekend. I’d love to hear about auditions at NYU, UofArts, Marymount, and Rutgers. I was also wondering how many get accepted at Marymount and UofArts. I couldn’t find any info. on that.</p>

<p>I can tell you a little about Marymount. My audition had about 30 students and only 2 were guys. They did a ballet portion and then a modern portion. After that they let everyone go out into the hallway and a little bit later they posted a list of who was being asked to perform their solo and interview. Those people were then called back in one at time. I think they said results were going to take about a month.</p>

<p>Thanks for the Marymount info. My D is doing her Rutgers(Mason Gross) audition this Saturday. Then she has 3 more during the month of February. Definitely busy and stressful.</p>

<p>I am auditioning for Marymount Manhattan College on the 15th. I attended yesterday’s NYU audition in NYC. We took Ballet for an hour and Modern for 30 minutes. They, then announced who they were cutting. It was a very pleasant audition although my friend in the other room said instead of an pianist accompaniast, they had an electric guitar</p>