Dante's Waitlist

<p>I was thinking maybe someone could start a waitlist thread like the roster threads.</p>

<p>The waitlist sorta reminds me of the Purgatory part...</p>

<p>Long... boring... long... boring... depressing... but then... if you make it through... and actually manage to read all of it, then you get-- HEAVEN!!!</p>

<p>Though the Inferno was the most interesting. Maybe it's the most interesting to be rejected.</p>


<p>I somehow managed to come out with five waitlists. As May rolls around and I have a deja vu of April, except with less hope and no deadline, I'm definitely feeling the Purgatory end of things.</p>

<p>I hop you find your "heaven" wrider</p>

<p>Hmm, I think I accidentally deleted the purgatory thing so I will repost it. </p>

<p>For Catholics, the waitlist is more like purgatory than hades. But at least while you burn in purgatory, you know you will eventually get to heaven.</p>

<p>Then I think I was going to add that my son was stuck in an airport today for 10 hours on his senior trip - the poor kid had to cram everything into three weeks, visits, decisions, waitlist stuff, etc. and was so happy to be getting away. Then he spent the whole day in the airport. I almost had a stroke when I tracked his flight and instead of "in the air" or even "delayed" - it said "call the airline." Hades. So I guess it was fate that I post about his unfortunate day. But they did get to their destination safely, thank God.</p>

<p>Now, partly due to lack of sleep, I keep thinking something is going to happen with this waitlist thing that requires his attention and he won't know about it until he gets back. Yup, I've got the 2:45 am wakeup call, paranoid, what else can go wrong, blues.</p>

<p>celebrian25, thanks so much. I hope so too. Loyal as ever, I'll stay on them till the end, and see how that goes. You never know. Good luck in all your endeavors....</p>

<p>mcdeb1958, sorry about the trip. Hope everything turned out okay. Thankfully, waitlist stuff, or at least decisions, can't happen yet--its the only reason I haven't yet reached complete panic. Good luck to your son.</p>

<p>By the way, any suggestions beyond visiting and writing letters of devotion/dedication/loyalty/etc?</p>

<p>I've been waitlisted at Fordham, and I'm riding it out.
I actually was really suprised that I wasn't accepted, but what can ya do....</p>

<p>If I don't get in there, I'll be going to University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN (which is where I'm from) to start out.</p>

<p>Good luck everyone!!</p>

<p>Hmm, mc-- I thought that in Greek mythology, "Hades" referred to the entire underworld, with Tartarus being the equivalent of "Hell" and the Elysian Fields being "Heaven"...</p>

<p><<by the="" way,="" any="" suggestions="" beyond="" visiting="" and="" writing="" letters="" of="" devotion="" dedication="" loyalty="" etc?="">></by></p>

<p>e-mails? Idk. There was recently an article about how people read and respond to e-mails and instant messages at such a high rate that their IQ is affected by the distraction. </p>

<p><<hmm, mc--="" i="" thought="" that="" in="" greek="" mythology,="" "hades"="" referred="" to="" the="" entire="" underworld,="" with="" tartarus="" being="" equivalent="" of="" "hell"="" and="" elysian="" fields="" "heaven"...="">></hmm,></p>

<p>eh. What do I know? I just didn't want to have my "hell" bleeped out.</p>

<p>wow, wrider, I'm rooting for you</p>

<p>I was just accepted off the waitlist for McGill. Granted, the circumstances may be different as I am a full IB Diploma candidate and McGill just recently received my anticapated IB exam scores--
But this what I did when I first discovered that I was on a waitlist for my first choice school.
I wrote a letter to Admissions stating that McGill was my first choice. I detailed my academic interests and offered to travel to Montreal for a personal interview.
The head of IB at my school phoned up to discuss my application.
My teachers and GC sent letters of recommendation -- my midterm report card (didn't realize McGill needed same as it wasn't mentioned in any correspondence) and my anticipated IB scores.</p>

<p>I didn't know what to do when I was first waitlisted but my parents said, "Communicate with McGill, what do you have to lose?"
They were right.</p>

<p>NYC - congrats on getting into McGill. My daughter is just finishing her sophomore year there. She loves it. Hit the ground running - McGill is a very good school and very competitive. Don't waste too much time partying and drinking beer your freshman year - focus on your studies. And buy a nice parka and warm boots.</p>

<p>Congratulations NYC, hey you may be the first one to get off a waitlist!
I love Montreal and have visited McGill informally. Make sure you learn how to pronouce Montreal before you go up there. :) Best of luck! And don't forget to tell your parents they were right. We really need to hear that every so often.</p>

<p>Hey, maybe you should start the official "I got off the waitlist" thread.</p>