**Dartmouth 2014 Waitlist Thread**

<p>soo . . . waitlist guys (: lol what do you think of our chances?</p>

<p>Haha I'm trying not to think about it. I submitted my update packet last week (minus my third quarter grades, which come out this week, and the second of my two additional recommendations), and basically I'm putting it out of my head.</p>

<p>If we're talking chances, though, I hear that this is a pretty high cross-admit year. We probably won't see a 0-taken-from-waitlist situation.</p>

<p>wooot that's awesome~ i like the chances ^^</p>

<p>How many were taken from last year's waitlist? I know Cornell has taken 0 for the past two years whereas Princeton has taken quite a few the last two years. I'm hoping there is some movement on Dartmouth's list this year. D would love to attend. She's submitted additional letter, etc. now it's simply a waiting game I suppose. I would be eager to know when the earliest notification date for WL candidates might be. Any clue?</p>

<p>TheDartmouth.com</a> | College sees a decrease in its admissions yield</p>

<p>At least 60 were admitted off the waitlist last year, it looks like.
I think the FAQ page said that they will not be notifying people until May 1.</p>

<p>From Dartmouth's common data set, 81 students were admitted off the waitlist last year, 41 the year before that, and 0 the year before that.</p>

<p>So I guess it varies quite a bit :/</p>

<p>i hope it follows the trend and the number increases ^^</p>

<p>Haha yeah, me too! <em>fingers crossed</em></p>

<p>Good luck guys!</p>

<p>I know that the Parents League of New York is hosting a panel next week that will have admissions advisers attending. I'm not sure of the cost (think it's $20?)- but there could be great information if anyone is there. I know one test prep and admissions service (Ivy Link) does waitlist advising. I am going for info about grad schools, but I think there will be a lot of info about undergrad admissions, as well.</p>

<p>Where is that hosted? at Dartmouth? Do you know the details like when? ( Thanks for the heads up by the way! )</p>

<p>Dartmouth isn't the kind of school that would care that a waitlistee visited the campus after getting waitlisted, right?</p>

<p>That's right.</p>

<p>when should the first batch of acceptees hear from them?</p>

<p>and where is everyone else planning to go to college if waitlists dont work out?</p>

<p>whew i just sent in my update packet . kissed it good luck and everything . <em>crosses fingers</em></p>

<p>How long were your letters? Mine is like 3/4 of a page. </p>

<p>Do people usually visit a school they were waitlisted? I'm pretty sure I won't get off the waitlist but my cousin insists on visiting with me. We're from Massachusetts.</p>

whew i just sent in my update packet . kissed it good luck and everything . <em>crosses fingers</em>


<p>Did you send this by (postal) mail? And what did you include in the packet? :S</p>

<p>mine was a page exactly. Man, the more I hear about the school the more I wish I was in for sure :P</p>

<p>My letter was about a page, and I sent mine thru their waitlist update email address. and ill be going to pomona or williams if dartmouth doesnt come through for me :)</p>

<p>Just a bit under a page.</p>