Dartmouth and Hazing

<p>Check it out. Any thoughts. Would you still encourage your child to apply to Dartmouth?</p>

<p>Dartmouth</a> Dean Of College Wants You To Talk If You've Been Hazed - Business Insider</p>

<p>If you child is inclined to join a frat/sorority, what school on this continent would you encourage your child to apply to? You can find stupid hazing everywhere (think FAMU marching band).</p>

<p>Is the frat and drinking and party culture big at Dartmouth? Yep. Should that be a surprise to any parents? I'd hope not.</p>

<p>My daughter graduated from Dartmouth in 2009. She did find the Greek scene to be very dominant on campus. She joined a sorority and navigated the social scene very well. Now, I have a son who likes Dartmouth but he is not a kid who would be necessarily inclined to join a frat, but from what we see the frats are worse than the sororities. My daughter noticed that not joining a frat would make a student feel left out from the social scene.</p>

<p>Just looking for other thoughts on this.</p>

<p>Check out the parents thread. We've been discussing it there.</p>

<p>Viewer: Given that, I think you know your son. When I was 17 or 18, I didn't know any better. If I had gone to a school like D, I probably would have joined. I went to another Ivy with a very minor greek culture and enjoyed its social scene tremendously. Looking at the two, I think my campus allowed for much more interplay among social groups that would have been absent in a more tribalistic greek dominated campus. For me, it's not the hazing -- but the Greek scene in general that I find lacking.</p>

<p>All frats do not engage in disgusting initiation rituals like those described by Lohse. All frats are not the same. I would hope that any kid would be able to distinguish between them. </p>

<p>Over 30 years ago, my H de-pledged a fraternity at a completely different school because he would not go along with dangerous, disgusting, and stupid behaviors. Everyone has a choice. </p>

<p>It simply astounds me that people even THINK of doing this stuff. But apparently it is some kind of common impulse, since as we have learned it takes place in all kinds of venues and all kinds of organizations. But I simply do not understand it.</p>

<p>This is a total outrage that this goes on at most Ivy League schools. Obviously the administration turns a blind eye because if they wanted to this could be stopped! What is fun about this?? Students are afraid to come forward and rightfully so. They are ostracized for ruining "the fun" of pledging and being in a fraternity. Serious consequences should be imposed on those who are guilty. This is not human behavior.</p>

<p>The guy who wrote that letter is now getting flack from former brothers who are mad at him for exposing their heinous culture (just read the crude comments on sites like huffington post.) My father wanted his grandchildren to apply to this school (before we learned of this particular case) and I said no, I don't want my kids attending a Greek dominated school. They have no interest in that kind of mind numbing conformity either.</p>

<p>Ski, you won't find anyone less into "mind numbing conformity" than my S, who does belong to a fraternity at D. SAE is a house known for interest in I-banking and the like. What do you expect? Not all houses are the same.</p>