Dartmouth Chances

<p>My son D has an 800 CR 690/690 (sigh) and wants to work in government service, ie policy analysis--he lives to study history/politics.
Money for school is an issue although both parents have post grad degress.
Already guaranteed full ride at multiple state schools.</p>

<p>Extracurrics--closing in on black belt but won't test beofre app in.
multiple years piano w/ some awards
active in ww2 history preservation, interviewed multiple vets with submissions to library of congress (may be hard to prove due to backlog of processing at LOC)
Oldest of 5 homeschoolers, responsbility for some livestock here in Kentucky, teaching siblings.
Should be National Merit scholar or finalist--currently semi (did better on psat)
Should have 7 AP's in the can at graduation.
Volunteers at good civil war museum, gives tours, explains history.
completed 5 week Governors Scholar Program this summer--lived at Centre College for this program</p>

<p>He liked Dartmouth as he thought it would be more traditional, we are a pretty traditional outfit at home. Looking also at Hillsdale. </p>

<p>Any thoughts? Advice?</p>

<p>We want to be realistic</p>