Dartmouth Computers

<p>I have been looking at the computer selections for my daughter and it appears that purchasing the Mac through the college presents a savings of several hundred dollars when you factor in warranty, Office, superdrive, etc. I have looked on other "discount sites" and they all seem to be considerably higher. Considering the ease and support of getting the Mac at school, I am leaning toward just having her pick it up when she arrives. Is this accurate or have I been looking in the wrong places? Thanks for any help.</p>

<p>If you look at the "educational" site on Apple dot com the prices come out about the same. At least that's how I figured it. The only difference being the software. You can get Word and the other stuff the school bundles together for $100 from Dartmouth whereas you pay more from the Apple store for Word. There isn't sales tax in NH so that's a savings. I wanted to get a Mac now so it was either ship it from Dartmouth (and pay for that) or buy it locally and pay sales tax. My D needed a computer now as her PC has gotten very buggy lately so thats why we did it this way. Plus her iPod was on its last legs so the "free" iTouch now was good too. If you can wait until your D gats to Dartmouth that would probably be best.</p>