Dartmouth Financial Aid


<p>I am thinking about applying to Dartmouth, but I'm not sure yet, so I was wondering if anyone can tell me how good Dartmouth's financial aid packages generally are. I mean, I know it varies based on financial circumstances, but a general idea would be greatly appreciated. </p>

<pre><code> Thank You!

<p>Full EFC is met for any applicant, with family income under 75k, no loans will be used in the financial aid package, but there is a work-study requirement for all forms of aid. They also expect the student to pay for travel to and from the college and for books out of pocket.</p>

<p>Okay, thank you so much!</p>

<p>Changes in the FA policy...</p>

Beginning with the Class of 2015, which will matriculate in the fall of 2011, Dartmouth will meet financial aid needs of students with family incomes above $75,000 through a mix of loans, scholarships, and work study. </p>


<p>[url=<a href="http://www.dartmouth.edu/%7Efinaid/fao/loanlevel.html%5DLoan"&gt;http://www.dartmouth.edu/~finaid/fao/loanlevel.html]Loan&lt;/a> Policy Beginning with the Class of 2015](<a href="http://www.dartmouth.edu/%7Efinaid/fao/packaging.html%5DPackaging%5B/url"&gt;http://www.dartmouth.edu/~finaid/fao/packaging.html)



<p>You're right it does vary by EFC and the perception of "good" can vary based upon a family's living expenses. Let's face it, $100,000 goes a lot farther in Dayton OH than NYC. Speaking as a parent, I have found that Dartmouth does not skimp on fin aid. They include all of costs associated with the attending including travel and computer for first-years. Their treatment of outside scholarships is also quite fair to the student, if not generous.</p>

<p>Outside of HYP, Dartmouth offers one of the best need-based packages.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for the replies, everyone! They have been very helpful.</p>