Dartmouth Peer Eval by a Signficant Other?

<p>I posted this in the Dartmouth thread but I don't think as many people frequent that forum as this one.</p>

<p>I'm applying to Dartmouth as a sophomore transfer student for Fall 2010 and while the peer evaluation is optional for transfers (I believe), I'm very curious about the process and eager to provide as comprehensive an application as possible. To that end, I'm planning on asking my boyfriend to write the peer evaluation for me. I feel that he's the only one who truly understands my academic potential, and as someone who has helped me throughout my entire transfer process, I feel that he uniquely understands my situation. He's also a very talented student himself, so I feel that the quality of his recommendation will be unmatched by my other peers. I didn't apply to Dartmouth as a freshman, but he did and was wait-listed, so I think this means that he'll have some idea of what Dartmouth wants as opposed to some of my other friends who would have no idea. Of course, this information is available online, but he has experience with the process. </p>

<p>This brings me to my question. On the peer eval, it inquires as to the "context" in which the recommender knows the recommendee. Is it inappropriate to mention that he is in fact my boyfriend, or should this be ignored completely?</p>

<p>I would not mention that he is your boyfriend but that's just me. All in all I don't think it will make a huge difference either way though but to be professional you might just want to say that he is a close friend.</p>