Dartmouth Rugby?

<p>I have heard and read good things about Dartmouth rugby. I was wondering if they are comprised of many players who played for rugby teams in high school. And, is a team that is not constantly fighting the adminstration. (many teams at other colleges i have looked at are). I play High School rugby and am finishing up my sophmore year and i have dartmouth as a possible college to apply to.</p>


<p>Hi kypdurron,</p>

<p>Great that you are doing your diligence so early. The [Dartmouth</a> Rugby Club](<a href=“在家怎么一天赚200,最普通的手机赚钱方法,天水市消防设备维修网点”>真实免费挂机赚钱软件|自动看广告挂机赚钱安卓软件|天水市消防设备维修网点) is one of the larger student organizations on campus. Approximately 75 student athletes will hit the pitch each year playing in around 65 matches in Fall and Spring. The coaches are tops in their field. The US 7’s coach came from Dartmouth and was replaced by a coach who played at the top levels in Ireland and assists with the US 15’s program. The majority of players come from other HS sports, and there is a well established development program to introduce them to and allow them to excel at rugby. Even better are when players like you arrive with several years of experience under their belt. </p>

<p>The team competes with the top national collegiate programs. Dartmouth is 2 time defending champion of the CRC National 7’s title and is one of 8 clubs invited to the inaugural Varsity Cup 15’s Championship. The team’s facilities, pitches and clubhouse, are among the finest in the nation. The club tours every Spring to challenge other clubs both domestically and internationally. The club officers work closely with and have strong support from the athletic department. The team is also well supported by its alumni network that helps team members during their four years in Hanover and with their careers after graduation.</p>

<p>It goes without saying that over the next couple of years, you will need to succeed at the toughest courses that your school offers and show continued improvement on the pitch. Encourage your coach to contact the Dartmouth coaches to get on their radar screen. Wherever you end up for college, keep playing rugby. It is a great lifetime sport!</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>


<p>Thanks for the Reply!
I checked out the site you provided and it looks great!
Its hard keeping the heart in the school, gym, and pitch all at once during the year, but i am working on it!</p>

<p>Thanks again!</p>