Dartmouth Transfer Student

Prospects/Advice on possibly transferring to another university.

Long story short, a traumatizing life experience has led me to consider transferring to another college.

I’ve taken a lot of math/physics courses w/ mixed results, but made the Dean’s list this year.
GPA: 3.24
Major: Undeclared

I’ve worked in public-policy in D.C, and I have done research in Quantum Computing, and Set Theory, and Transfinite Calculus.

Note: Most of my grades in non-math courses are As.

I might consider taking more courses to boost my gpa/prospects, but different colleges have different protocols for how many credits one could earn before transferring.

What would be my reach schools and what would be my safety schools? Should I even apply within the Ivy League/top tier of schools?

As a transfer student you will be expected to know more about what you want from a college than you did when you were a HS student. In order to even begin to give helpful responses, more info is needed, starting with are you thinking of transferring to or from Dartmouth?!

What do you want from your new university that is similar to where you are now? that is different?

If you have just finished your first year of university, what was your HS record like? it will be considered in your transfer apps.

Are you planning to go back to your current uni and apply for transfer? withdraw and apply in the autumn for spring admission?

Do you know what you want to major in? what is your GPA in that subject?

What is your budget? Are the NPCs on ‘meet full need’ schools realistic for you?

re: transfer credits, most selective colleges will expect you to enroll for the equivalent of 2 full years before getting a degree from them.


What year are you in? You have missed the window by many months to consider transferring to any highly selective college. You will have to wait until next March to submit applications for top colleges.

NACAC has a list of colleges still accepting transfer students. The issues might be that financial aid could be very limited or not possible at this point. National Association for College Admission Counseling- College Openings Update

If you really can’t handle the thought of going back to Dartmouth, consider taking a gap year to regroup.

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Transferring from.

I want an environment that is friendlier to students of color to be honest. I hope that it’s still competitive/challenging, like my previous Alma Mater.

I’d be a junior at this point, but my high school record is good, just not amazing. I took the most challenging courses possible and got mostly As with some slip ups here and there–especially senior year.

I’m not sure about withdrawing or staying on.

But a state/poorly funded college would actually cost me more than prestigious schools, as they meet full need. It would honestly be self-deprecative for me to attend one.

Could you consider doing some study abroad (or at another US school) with a program sponsored by Dartmouth for junior year and then just finish up senior year there?