Dartmouth Undergrad (Full Pay) Vs JHU (37k/Year) Vs BU Trustee (20k/Year)

I’ve been fortunate enough to be accepted to Dartmouth (80k/year), merit-based half-ride to JHU, and then I’m also considering the trustees (full tuition) to BU. For some context, I’m currently at a public high school and my family is upper-middle-class. I have a sibling 2 grades younger who might also go to a need-blind school which would allow us to each get ~$32k in need-based for 2 years. My parents would be willing to cover most of the costs debt-free, and I would personally be responsible for ~5k/year at Dartmouth.
I’m very interested in going into consulting and possibly IB in the future, though I’m not 100% sure. I’ve fallen in love with Darmouth’s culture, location, and its strong alumni connections. The issue comes down to the cost versus my other options and that at JHU and BU, I would be among a select group of around 20 scholarship recipients.
I know Dartmouth places well as a target and has a great alum network, but is it worth the extra $ over the other 2 schools? If I didn’t go to D, do recruiters generally give prestigious scholarship distinctions any merit? If anyone could speak to the difficulty of classes and an econ major at Dartmouth of JHU that would also be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the input! I’m hoping to decide in the next few weeks.

I don’t think going to Dartmouth over Johns Hopkins is worth it in my opinion. They are both extremely prestigious.

JHU. Dartmouth is just not worth the premium in my opinion.

Would your parents spend $300K regardless (so on grad school if saving for undergrad). Then it comes down to whether you feel going all-in on Dartmouth is better than reserving some optionality.

My opinion is that JHU is easily among the best universities in the nation.

Full tuition scholarship to Boston University is hard to pass up due to COA & location.

Dartmouth College has IB prestige, but at a COA of $320,000 is not worthwhile in light of your other options.

Hey @EconGeek20 congrats on these options! I’m a current Dartmouth student, and I love it. We have a wonderful community vibe and a laid-back and collaborative rather than competitive atmosphere. Furthermore, our undergrad focus, with the professor involvement, small class sizes, and greater access to funds and research that that brings, provides an amazing undergrad experience.

But I didn’t say this to hype you up about my college, because even I don’t think it’s worth the extra 160000 dollars over JHU. I’m gonna have to go with earlier commenters on this one.

I personally would prefer Dartmouth over JHU for undergrad. But even for me, who really loves Dartmouth, JHU is certainly close enough of a college to justify taking it when it’s far cheaper, and you can’t easily afford full tuition. It’s more than enough of a name to provide you the career advantage you’re looking for, it’ll certainly provide you with a community of accomplished peers, and the academic rigor will certainly meet your expectations.

Enjoy yourself there! One general piece of advice I have for you is don’t make your field of study set in stone yet. For your first year, try out any class or club you find interesting. Your professors will be among the best in their field, so you’re likely to get a good experience of whichever field you try.

Hope I helped.

If you identify as an econ geek, then BU and Dartmouth may offers advantages over JHU:




Michael Bloomberg attended JHU and did quite well for himself.

Save your $ for grad school!

May I ask what your stats were? I am applying to JHU and am aiming to get a scholarship. I’m also applying to the BU SMED program and am aiming to get the Trustee scholarship.