Dartmouth v Brown...decisions decisions

<p>If you could not tell already, I am having some difficulty deciding where to apply between Brown and Dartmouth. From what I've read from just these posts, they're both great schools. From what I've read and seen, they're both superbly excellent schools. I just want to see if you guys can give me tips and hints on where to go according to the following:</p>

<li>"cool" nerd, party once in a while</li>
<li>biochem...or english</li>
<li>study abroad...how good?</li>
<li>scale of 1 - 10, shy 5, fun loving 7</li>
<li>more into campus than city, as long as neither is boring</li>

<p>I know the decision finally comes down to me, but before mailing in the app fees I'd like to see more personalized comments. Thanks!</p>

<p>p.s. also posted in dartmouth section for fairness ;)</p>

<p>Based on that Dartmouth. But if your not dead set you shouldn't apply early and if you are applying regular you can apply to both.</p>

<p>I dont know why you would think Dartmouth based on that. From my understanding Dartmouth's social scene has a lot to do with practically campus wide parties every weekend, though I am sure there are other things to do, location is certainly WAY worse than Providence and more limiting. Biochem and English are both very strong at Brown (not sure about Dartmouth)... I do know we place well for pre-meds, again not sure about Dartmouth.</p>

<p>Nothing you put there should push you one way or the other.</p>

<p>What do you feel about the open curriculum?</p>

<p>most parties here at brown are dorm parties and with people you know...the frat life is really secondary here. meanwhile, there is a ton of huge parties at dartmouth since there is no city scene there. brown is great for pre-med, as im sure dartmouth is too, and both schools have respected biochem and english programs...and plus, keep in mind that at brown you can do both if you so desired, meanwhile i seriously doubt you could pull a double major with a science at dartmouth. Im planning to do poli sci and biology and i wont have to take any extra classes to do both, and Ill also have some wiggle room to explore outside the 2 majors.</p>

<p>I had the same decision earlier this year but I really didnt think it was close.</p>

<p>Sorry for posting this a second time...its slightly altered</p>

<p>This is so close to home, so I guess I'll write alot. Dartmouth/ Brown was my choice as well and I ended up choosing Dartmouth but not after some serious thinking. The funny thing is that even after serious contemplation, I literally could not decide and choose Dartmouth basically after a coin flip of sorts lol! During college I visited Brown probably 7-8 weekends, however, so I know it really well. The great news is there is no wrong choice: I loved Dartmouth more than anything, but I am totally convinced I would have loved Brown just as much. These are by far my two of most favorite schools (throw in Stanford as the other).</p>

<p>1) Academic scene
I don't know much about Brown except the obvious lack of a core. Dartmouth's distributives are very broad so honestly to me it was a benefit if anything in that it forced me to take a couple classes (like Acting for my art) that I might otherwise not have taken. Dartmouth is awesome in terms of teaching and professor engagement, and the school is absolutely focused on the undergrad. I was an anthro major and I got $10K for my thesis research and TWO incredibly active thesis advisors. I literally had some classes with less than five people at the upper levels. Dartmouth professors take you to dinner, they encourage you, and they are amazing. I think part of the reason Dartmouth grads do so well at grad school admissions is the fact that they know their professors so well. Frankly its amazing. I am sure Brown's academics are great too, but Dartmouth does have a terrific LAC-like feel. People love to discard the D-plan but I thought it was awesome. Sophomore summer is most students favorite term.</p>

<p>Study Abroad?
Most students at Dartmouth go on a study abroad, many go on 2-3. Its not only a thing to do, its a way of life. The language programs are OUTSTANDING, you not only have small classes a preperation, you have drill with its "rassias method" which is an amazingly fun way to really learn a language. Study abroad programs include a professor and about 20 other Dartmouth students (which is different from other schools which have people from al schools). There are special trips every weekend and you get to become incredibly close to your fellow Dartmouth students. Also since Dartmouth is on the quarter system it allows for multiple study abroads.</p>

<p>2) Campus location and closest city/town location
In my opinion Brown's nearby Thayer Street blows Hanover out of the water. East Providence is hip, cool, and there are alot of great restaurants and it really does cater to students. Providence itself isn't that wonderful, but its awesome in the area where Brown is located. Conversely, Hanover is beautiful but I found the town to be more stodgy and its not catered to students. In terms of the city, Brown wins bigtime.</p>

<p>ON the other hand, Dartmouth's location in the mountains is amazing. The outdoor access is awesome, people ski during the winters on the skiway, jump in the river in summers. To be honest only a select group of students are into the hardcore outdoors. Its the casual outdoor stuff like snowball fights during the winter, riding your bike through the beautiful fall leaves, the swimming in the river during summers, BBQs by houses on the river, the awesome stars when you are out at night, etc, etc. During the summer the campus feels like a magical summer camp, during the winters its charming and warm. </p>

<p>3) Social scene
Brown is very active socially. The dorms restrictions are very lax so first-year parties abound. There are house parties, frat parties, bars, and people even venture downtown to clubs. Its a more cliquey scene, however. Different groups tend to stick together more, so its less community oriented. Its safe to say I think that people walk away with great friends, but it feels more like a University than Dartmouth. </p>

<p>Dartmouth is very community oriented. The Greek scene is huge, but its unlike any other greek scene anywhere. The houses are all open for parties to everyone and there's actually a campus list publishing the big parties that weekend. What usually happens is there will be two-three big dance parties a night plus lots of houses will have smaller groups hanging out. The cool thing is there is usally alot of energy as everyone is going to the same key places or are at least aware of the big parties. Its absolutely open and everyone is absolutely friendly. In addition to the greek scene there is a house party scene, smaller gatherings in dorms, plus niche scenes like the organic farm crowd or the Ledyard Canoe club crowd. The nights are full of activity. Dartmouth's downside might be that its jock culture does have power with the frats, places like Chi Heorot, Theta Delt, and Psi U are centered around sports teams and I think this can intimidating. The upside is there is a large social scene outside these places.</p>

<p>I think its safe to say Brown has smaller gatherings for niche groups (although there are big parties!), while Dartmouth has bigger parties that everyone goes to all the time. </p>

<p>4) Campus population
Both are equally diverse, although Dartmouth is conceived as less diverse than Brown the truth is its actually slightly more diverse. But since its smaller the sheer number of members of these groups is smaller so there is less "minority cliqueyness." In this way its amazing, people interact between groups at Dartmouth amazingly well. Yet I think some minority groups find comfort in sticking together and someone who grew up only hanging out with a particular minority crowd might like Brown more. Also, Brown does "feel" more international in terms of student makeup. </p>

<p>In terms of student politics I would say there is a huge overlap of "liberal" students at both. Dartmouth is more accepting of people with a conservative (libertarian) point of view, but overall I'd say 75-80% of Dartmouth is liberal while 85-90% of Brown is liberal. Frankly its not that large a difference. </p>

<p>Overall thought the students at Dartmouth overwhelmingly are the playful, fun loving, brilliant type. People tend to play down themselves which is great and refreshing among the Ivies. My experience with Brown students is that they are very similar but a little more "edgy."</p>

<p>5) Pre-med?
No difference is my honest bet. My Dartmouth pre-med friends did tremendously well (top top med schools). It seems like EVERYONE is going to a great med school like Yale, Penn, Cornell, Harvard, etc. Dartmouth is great because of the numerous opportunities to work one-one with professors, and the nathan smith society (for pre-med) gives great advising. I am sure Brown has a similar advising system. </p>

<p>To be honest the fact that you've narrowed it down to these two means (In my opinion lol!) that you have impeccible taste when it comes to colleges. I've been to and know alums from many many schools and hands down these two seem to provide the best college experience. You just can't go wrong.</p>

<p>Apply to both. If you're not sure right now where you fit, you should definitely avoid ED at any school.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone, I am much enlightened. Currently I am leaning towards Dartmouth a bit, but I'm giving myself till this weekend to completely decide. In case anyone's wondering, my current list of colleges I'm applying to is: University of Colorado - Boulder, University of Washington in St. Louis, Rice, U Penn, Brown, Dartmouth, USC, and University of Denver. Wish me luck and thanks again!</p>

<p>How, as a "cool nerd", you could be considering anything but ED at Brown, I don't know! That is exactly what Brown is!</p>

<p>In all seriousness, though, I think you'd love it here. I don't have the time or energy to go into huge detail on why right now, but my vote is for Brown.</p>

<p>brown is a great place to be pre-med, double concentrate in biochem AND english, be around humble but passionate people, and never get bored</p>

<p>Its such a hard call...part of me thinks Brown another thinks Dartmouth. I wish I could help more...</p>

<p>Once again... if you need to give yourself a deadline to make a decision where you're so clearly conflicted, ED IS NOT FOR YOU! Wait it out, apply to both RD, and if you get in to both, visit both schools and take more time to research and consider which one is best for you.</p>

<p>people think they have better chance to get in if apply early.</p>

<p>you call that a question? jk, go for Brown! the ppl there are lovely. brown has the perfect college environment. it's not too busy, but you can go shopping @ providence if you feel lonely. dartmouth, it is literally @ the middle of nowhere. just my 2cents. didn't have good experience @ dartmouth.</p>

<p>Brown and Dartmouth are so different! </p>

<p>Dartmouth is very heavy into the greek scene and much more rural. </p>

<p>I'd reccomend Brown. You'll find less popular people and more "cool nerds" (my favorite kind of people)!! There's less partying, but it's certainly there if you want, and despite being in the city, it's very campus centric. But you don't get as bubbled or isolated as you would at rural Dartmouth.</p>

<p>On the surface, very similar schools in that they are undergraduate focused, great student body, great teaching. But the atomsphere and pyhsical environments are quite different. I would visit both schools overnight to get a better feel for the two schools.</p>

<p>an article in yesterday's BDH puts brown's study abroad rate just about even with dartmouth's (and higher than the rest of the ivy league)
<a href="http://www.browndailyherald.com/media/storage/paper472/news/2006/09/21/CampusNews/Browns.Study.Abroad.Rate.High.Among.Ivies-2289703.shtml?norewrite200609221857&sourcedomain=www.browndailyherald.com%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.browndailyherald.com/media/storage/paper472/news/2006/09/21/CampusNews/Browns.Study.Abroad.Rate.High.Among.Ivies-2289703.shtml?norewrite200609221857&sourcedomain=www.browndailyherald.com&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I'm not sure that there's actually less partying at Brown (hell yeah, playboy #30-something party school back in the 80's, only ivy on the list!), my guess would be that it's just a different kind...</p>

<p>My sister went to Dartmouth, and I've visited many times, but attend Brown.
They are 2 very different animals. Perhaps similar scenes in the students accepted, but the experience once there iy is quite different. Dartmouth/Hanover are all about enjoying the environment, and if you do not enjoy the outdoors, it could be a long 4 years; where Brown is much more urbane. Providence sure as hell isn't the big city but the 2 campuses offer very very different atmospheres.</p>

<p>When it comes down to it, my draw was both have chill, fun, smart students who know how to have a great time and yet still love their classes. Of my Dartmouth friends, I would say a considerable portion chose between Brown or Dartmouth. Many also seemed to choose between Dartmouth and Duke. </p>

<p>To be honest, these days its way too competitive to not apply to both. There is a HUGE alternative scene at Dartmouth (a Brown within Dartmouth). Just as there are jocks at Brown. Once again, they are more similar than they appear.</p>