Dartmouth vs. Princeton

<p>I was accpted to both Princeton and dartmouth. Which offers better academics for someone who plans on going to med school or law school. I think I want to major in Politics/Government. How is social life, dorm conditions, and overall friendliness? Please any comments will do</p>

<p>Both schools are very undergraduate-focused, but Princeton is vastly regarded as a higher-caliber school. Both schools are known for lots of drinking, though Dartmouth certainly wins in this category.</p>

<p>Overall friendliness is a tossup, though Princeton has a reputation for being somewhat clique-y and exclusive. It's a toss up though.. depends on who you meet!</p>

<p>My opinion: Go to Princeton.</p>

<p>mine as well.</p>

<p>have you visited both schools? i think it all comes down to your gut feeling. i just got home from dimensions, and i know of two girls who are definitely going to darmouth over princeton. another girl likes princeton better and is likely to choose it, so i think it really comes down on how you feel on campus.</p>


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