<p>I'm a Junior in high school, and my dad is a legacy of Dartmouth. I'm under a lot of pressure to go there, and I was wondering if I had a chance. And please be honest.
G.P.A. (weighted) -4.78
3.96( unweighted)
3-year varsity Softball player, 2 year all conference
Debate Team
Student Director of the largest Debate tournament held by a high school
Writing tutor
Tutor under privileged inner city kids
State Science Fair gold medalist
3 year- secretary of class of 2011
I also volunteer at a school for kids with autism over the summer (50+ hours)
(Recently elected)- Senior Class President 2011</p>

<p>Freshman year
honors English-A,A
honors Geometry-A,A
honors bio-A,A
honors world civ-A,A
regular french-A,A</p>

<p>Sophomore Year
honors English 2-A,A
honors Algebra 2/Trig- B,A
honors chem- A,A
A.P. Euro- A,A
regular French- A,A
honors debate-A,A</p>

<p>Junior year
honors english 3-A,A
honors Pre Calc- A,A
honors physics- A,A
A.P Statistics- A,A
regular French-A,A
honors debate-A,A</p>

<p>Write decent essays and apply early and youll get in</p>

<p>I'd be optimistic about your chances</p>

<p>very good chance IFF you apply ED.</p>

<p>Pretty much a sure bet ED.</p>

<p>Not a sure bet -- even with ED -- since the ECs are pretty weak. Fairly strong shot ED. Average shot (i.e., low) RD.</p>

<p>^^ECs aren't that bad IMO, especially if there is some college-level softball talent there. </p>

<p>I'd send your stats and any favorable newspaper clippings to the Dartmouth softball coach and express an interest in playing for the Big Green.</p>

<p>Those EC's aren't weak.</p>

<p>Excellent shot ED.</p>