Date for letters being mailed?

<p>Last year it looks like letters were mailed 3/28 - which was a Wednesday. Does that make it likely that they will mail the letters around 3/26 this year? We are on spring break that week and pondering going out of town.</p>

<p>I thought you can check your decision online?</p>

<p>^^^No, BC mails all decisions.</p>

<p>The site says that you can here anytime after March 15th... 3/28 seems like a more realistic date though.</p>

<p>so checkign online is not a possibility?...I don't understand why BC simply cannot release the decisions online. They have this whole Agore system set up, yet they wont use it for what students would most appreciate it being used for.</p>

<p>i thought it said you would be able to check your decisions online beginning march 15...</p>

<p>Agora words it as such, "decisions will be released." </p>

<p>That sounds like a dual online, offline system; but if students from last year say otherwise, I'm sure they know better.</p>

<p>Can we end this agonizing wait sooner than later?</p>

<p>My brother was admitted to BC a few years ago ('05) by mail only. I am not aware if the system has changed to online/mail. But he heard in early April (probably bc we're WC)</p>

<p>BC decisions come by snail mail -- and are not posted on-line until well after the mailing. Here is a direct quote from the BC website:</p>

<p>"Candidates will be notified of action taken on their applications no later than April 15. Decisions will not be communicated to applicants via telephone, facsimile, e-mail, or in person prior to April 15."</p>

<p>decisions are not given online.</p>

<p>"Please note that Boston College does not post admission decisions online."</p>

<p>Checking</a> the Status of Your Boston College Application </p>

<p>...I wish they did</p>

<p>Also - BC does not mail all the acceptances/rejections at the same time. When my daughter was accepted ('05), she did not hear until almost a week after others in her school had heard. Everyone who had heard earlier in the week (from her school) had been rejected, so each day she did not get anything was a good one for her. Good luck everyone.</p>

<p>Dogwood - I work in the admissions office, and know that BC mails most (and by most, I mean pretty much all of them except for a few that might not make the trucks) of the letters at the same time. They do this on purpose because they want to ensure that the letters get to people all at the same time and no one is left waiting. As a result, they wait until the are completely done with accepting and declining students before they mail anything. However, considering BC is mailing 23,000 rejections (this year) along with the RD acceptances all at once, the post office often cannot handle how much mail comes out in that one day BC decides to mail. Although there were fewer letters in 2005, it was still the same situation. If you look at the postmark dates, you'll find that even though letters may be received a week apart, they were mailed the same day or the day after one another. :)</p>

<p>^^23,000 rejections out of how many applicants, if you don't mind :)</p>

<p>around 31,000? and the 23,000 is rounded and includes the people who were rejected from EA and the people who were deferred and then rejected as well.</p>

<p>mmk, so they have around a 30% admit rate? kinda what i thought, but wasn't sure if it was significantly lower this year or not...</p>

<p>actually this year it should be about 22% or so for RD..</p>

<p>24% overall i Believe</p>

<p>^^That would be a pretty significant increase in selectivity considering it was 30% just two years ago. I think they'll still admit around 27%, because more kids applied to BC as a safety than ever before. Therefore, they will probably turn it down for a "better" (in a theoretical sense), school.</p>

<p>it was 27% last year</p>

<p>EA Apps - 7000
EA acceptanceds - 2250</p>

<p>EA acceptance rate= 32.14%</p>

<p>RD 31,000-7000- 24,000
RD acceptees 7000-2250- 4750
RD accept rate- 4750/24000= 19.8%</p>

<p>Total acceptance 7000/ 31000 = 22.5%</p>

<p>This is using the 31k that applied and the usual 7000ish that are accepted</p>

<p>Not to contradict you, but I really doubt they're only admitting 19% of RD applicants. And a 5% decrease is HUGE. Those numbers would make BC more selective than Berkeley, Georgetown, and Notre Dame, which it's not. Maybe you will end up being correct, we'll have no way of knowing until official numbers come out. But I'm sticking to around 25-26% admit, then a large waitlist, as seems to be the trend already this year.</p>