Dates for accepted student programs?

<p>Anyone have the details on accepted student programs? Still waiting on decision, but trying to figure out what logistics might look like if my d. does get in and we need to go visit.</p>

<p>It is called "Spend a day in our shoes":</p>

<p>Scripps</a> College : Admission : Scripps College Preview Day</p>

<p>Good luck to your daughter! I'm keeping fingers crossed for our kids.</p>

<p>Perfect! Just what I needed to know.</p>


<p>For those who are accepted and go to Spend a Day in our Shoes day on Friday, April 11, try to spend the night on Thursday if you have time.</p>

<p>"Students who wish to stay overnight in the residence hall on Thursday must respond by Thursday, April 3, 2008."</p>

<p>Hopefully acceptances will come before then!</p>