Dates for Admission decisions Freshman Fall 2011

<p>Does anyone know what day the decisions come out for UCSB, all it says on the website is mid-march a date to be announced?? Just curious I know that some have been admitted with the honors ect just curious if anyone knew when the other students may be notified.</p>

<p>March 21 …</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>college mom, how can you go through every day waiting for the decision ???</p>

<p>It is NOT easy believe me still waiting for UCSB-UCSC-UCI ??? The month is just dragging onnnnnnnnn!</p>

<p>I think the last UC to announce the acceptance decision is Berkeley on March 24th, so the most you have to wait is 16 more days, hang in there !!!</p>

<p>Right after our spring break starts. rofl</p>

<p>On the site that I found it says that decisions for freshmen for Fall 2011 will be announced from March 17 - 31. Decisions for transfers for Fall 2011 will be announced March 17 - May 1. </p>

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<p>Shaved 4 days off for you, theleakers! ;-)</p>

<p>that might actually save my life, hee hee hee
I am leaning more to UCI than UCSB at this time (assuming I get accepted to both, those 2 schools seems to be very similar in the population they are going to accept)
reason being:</p>

<h1>1) closer to home 45 miles to UCI, 110 miles to UCSB</h1>

<h1>2) UCI has a better computer science program than UCSB</h1>

<p>I believe UCI has already released decisions. I got mine weeks ago</p>

<p>then I think I am hosed …</p>

<p>poor leakers. :|</p>

<p>I hate this … it is just like life …</p>

<p>first it sucks, then you die …</p>


<p>UCI was actually my first choice when I applied back then.</p>

<p>UCSB and UC Davis took me, but not Irvine. I guess I was one Asian too many. -____-</p>

<p>I don’t regret coming here now. yay.</p>

<p>I heard there is a reception in LA for high-achieving applicants …</p>

<p>hairy lemon, are you senior at UCSB ???</p>

<p>i think he is a sophomore</p>

<p>did he turn into hairless lemon ???</p>

<p>i wish i was a hairless lemon. this hairy lemon needs some major shaving! -____-</p>

<p>im a first year lol. vizy was partially right. . .im sophomore status right now.</p>

<p>(if you have any questions, shoot it. lol)</p>

<p>hairy dude, why are you putting millions of blank line in your message, by the way, his is my question !!!</p>