Dates for Admitted Student Programs?

<p>Does anyone know FOR SURE when the Admitted Student programs take place this year?</p>

<p>April 14th</p>

<p>I suspect there will be a lot of overlaps in admitted student programs this year since Passover is in late April.</p>

<p>ya, actually there's a list out there.. i forgot which one it was under.. maybe college admissions, that list all of them and there is a TON of overlap.. if i get into cmu, i'll probably do the umich one on the 12th and hop (reference to easter!) to pittsburgh for the CMU one on the 14th</p>

<p>Lori, how did you find out it is on the 12th? Was it from the college or a CC post? Do you know if there is more than one?
Yeah, Passover messes up one weekend in April, so I need to figure out where I can get to and when...</p>

<p>its the 12 for umich because i got an invite in the mail.. as for carnegie, i called and asked.. its like a sleeping bag weekend but for accepted kids</p>

<p>^^ I meant to write the 14th for CMU. Lori, do you know if that is the only one they are having or if there are more than one? Thanks!</p>

<p>"This year, our Admit letters are set to mail on March 24, so our goal is to
begin calling Admitted Students the first week of April to ensure that all
students receive their letter of acceptance before they receive our phone

<p>Good luck.</p>