dating people who go to your school vs. people who don't go to your school

<p>I choose the latter.
People at my school aren't really that special, both appearance-wise and personality-wise.
Plus, it would be really awkward seeing that one guy everyday who you broke up yesterday wouldn't it? And it would be much more exciting with an outside relationship.</p>

<p>I would much rather date someone from another school, just because I have not have good experiences with boys at my school (I am not alone, however). I have not found anyone who I truly mesh with and am compatible with on a more-than-friends basis at my school. Plus a lot of them are way too short and scrawny for my taste. =/</p>

<p>I'm always shocked at how much more attractive the opposite sex is at other high schools.</p>

<p>both of my boyfriends were from different schools
it's more exciting dating someone you haven't gone to school with your whole life
also, you don't have to worry about him grabbing your ass or trying to make out with you in the hallway/..pda..which is gross</p>

<p>chicks from other schools are always hotter than chicks at school.</p>


<p>Cause its easier to go for the kill when you already know them in person.</p>

<p>But there's always special cases. . . heehee</p>

<p>former, it's just easier</p>

<p>Well, I go to an all girls school so this is an easy question... I prefer people from other schools!</p>

<p>With a girl from a different school.</p>

<p>Dating someone from the same school can get boring quickly, because you guys see each other every hour every day.</p>

<p>Considering my high school has like the 15th highest enrollment for any school in the country, I prefer the former. When you're a senior and have 1800 girls to choose from, it's not really a problem.</p>

<p>I say someone at my school. I've probably had the worst experience with it of anyone here (sat next to her in two classes, another together, work together for a couple ec's too). Personally, I find it just easier and it gives some common ground, but that just me.</p>

<p>the latter. Most of the guys that attend my school are just..not it..for me, anyway. Most guys that attend my school are either losers or are nice but I do not perceive them as anything more than a friend.</p>

<p>A guy liked me from our rival school once. He is one of my close friends, I met him at church. ^_^</p>

<p>I go to a girls only school... and I don't swing that way, so yeah, I would prefer dating people who don't go to my school.</p>

<p>Guys from other schools.</p>

<p>I think it would be annoying and awkward if you went to the same HS.</p>

<p>^ True, however, my friend dated a guy from a school on the other side of town, and they just eventually broke up because they simply lost contact.</p>

<p>^ that's true! but think about it...40% of the time i look like and may feel like **** so it would be embarrassing for my significant other to be seeing me especially when i look like ****.</p>

<li>I'd prefer having a low key, private relationship/</li>

<p>-I think it's embarrassing if teachers would be seeing me around school with him.</p>

<li><p>PDA & holding hands in the hallways is disgusting and tacky.</p></li>
<li><p>I would get bored seeing him everyday.</p></li>

<p>-makes things awkward trying to avoid each other if you break up</p>

<p>So basically i'd rather have a relationship with someone OUTSIDE of school. I'd still make room for contact :/</p>

<li>does not apply to when in college</li>

<p>My social ranking, as well as many others who go to school for actual purpose, not socializing, is low. So for me to have a chance with a girl that I'd actually like, it'd probably be outta my (crappy) school</p>

<p>I never considered dating in high school.</p>

<p>In college, I don't really care.</p>