Daughter accepted Early Action.

<p>My D was accepted EA to this wonderful school last week! It was a relief for my D to hear. The K Plan is very intriguing. Has anyone else had acceptance here.</p>

<p>My daughter was also accepted, though at this point, I am not certain Kzoo is her first choice. I will say, however, from a cost point of view Kalamazoo is fantastic value---tuiton & room/board are very reasonably priced for a private four year liberal arts college, and they provided, what I thought, was a very generous scholarship. I think she will be giving K serious consideration.</p>

<p>I agree, Stephenandrew. Kalamazoo represents excellent value--wonder how they do it? Fact that 80% of their students travel abroad is appealing, too. When I had D read from Pope's CTCL's, the first thing out of her mouth was, "Is this true? Can a school be this good?" She may be fing this out~lol. We're got a few more mos of waiting, as a result of a number of schools applied through regular decision.</p>

<p>KZOO is a great school. Youngest son just started the Winter Quarter of his fresman year today. Facilities and faculty is top-notch. Study abroad is big, but not a "must do."</p>

<p>^^Foreign study is really a "don't miss". Almost everyone leaves to do this and it's part of the rythmn of the campus.</p>