Daughter got in!

My daughter found out today via the portal that she was accepted! Package to come in 8 weeks…

Congratulations! My husband just dropped my daughter off at her dorm after a dinner in Center City and he said she is so happy there. It’s had some bad press as of late, but from our perspective Temple’s been nothing but positives.

@veehee just wondering how she feels about the safety on campus and in the dorms…and wondering as well how the dorms are?

Funny you should ask because she’s back for fall break this week and we had a long talk about what’s been happening and how she feels. She told me she feels completely safe when walking around campus. The campus police are everywhere, there are loads of students walking all over the place and while she doesn’t always make use of it, the walking escorts (police on bikes escort students around campus) are available if so desired. They also have an “uber-like” service that she also has yet to take advantage of. And when I asked her about walking around the areas off-campus, she said, “Well, I’m not stupid, I’m not going to go to Rite Aid at night.” LOL. She’s getting city-smart which makes me happy that she’s learning that now rather than when she gets her first apartment in a few years.

As far as the dorms go, they are staffed by security and students who live their show ID when entering. If they have a guest, they need to present ID and leave it at the security office. I was pleasantly surprised when I visited her and had to go through such procedures when I went in with her. She’s in Peabody Hall which is all freshman basically. Not sure if the upperclass dorms follow the exact same procedures, but I know they all have security at the entrances.

Her attitude is that she’s living in a city and so she takes precautions when she’s out. But the craziness that’s been happening lately while upsetting to me and other parents, doesn’t seem to be too upsetting to the students. She and her friends just seem to take it in stride, stay alert and are aware of their surroundings.