Daughter was accepted

Last night, I looked at her application status and noticed that it said accepted. We haven’t received an email or a letter yet. and i was wondering when we get the acceptance letter will any merit aid be included or do we have to wait? I know she will def. qualify for it.

You will get package in a week or so. But the merit showed up online within a few days if I remember correctly. Good luck to your d. Mine absolutely loves it there she’s in architecture program.

@Sull29 She got a wonderful package. We only have to pay about 3000 total out of pocket for everything. She is a fashion merchandising major. We are waiting to hear from a few more schools but it is a package that is very hard to refuse.

I applied to Kent State previously, also for Fashion (but Design rather than Merch). Has she possibly applied to FIT in NYC? I must say that it might be a better investment,

@ZippNYC yes, she has applied to FIT and Auburn(which is number 2 for fashion merchandising.) Do you go to FIT? and can you please share your experience?