Davidson announces partnership with Barings, a leading financial services firm

Figure some students might be interested in this new partnership.

“Students will receive an array of learning, training and career opportunities throughout the three-year partnership, while Barings will connect with talented students for research and internships. In addition, starting this fall, all first-year Davidson students will join in Barings-enabled community service projects.”


What’s a “Barings-enabled” community service project?

In a time of tight labor markets, this seems to be a way to get new employees in the pipeline, right? Am I missing something? How much did Barings pay for this?

I don’t know more than this write up, but I presume Barings-enabled = Barings $$ supports the costs of setting up and running the community service projects.

And, yes, I think this is a talent pipeline effort on their part, plus of course visibility.