Davidson Fellows Scholarship 2021

Is anyone here thinking of applying to Davidson Fellows Scholarship? I’m applying, but there isn’t a lot of information about it online, so I feel intimidated . Do you guys know any tips when applying, or has anyone on here won a scholarship? I’m applying for the literature category specifically.

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Are you a Davidson Young Scholar? While you do not have to be a DYS to apply or receive the scholarship, but it will provide you with an insight as to the people who are applying for the scholarship, and the level of the work that they expect from recipients.

I’m afraid I’m not a Davidson Young Scholar, however, do you have insight specifically in the caliber of applicants and portfolios?

The Davidson institute is focused on what are called “profoundly gifted” and “highly gifted”. That is what they look for in their Young Scholars, They generally mean kids whose test scores or overall achievements put them in the top 0.1% of the population.

For Davidson Fellows, they are looking for the best of these.

The portfolio isn’t what is important, what is important is the project itself. The level of the project should be at the level of a research project which would be produced by a college graduate. I have looked at the Science projects, and these are above the level of undergraduate independent research projects, and above the level of most college theses.

Look at the level of the literature projects of past Davidson Fellows to get an idea as to what level project is required to win the Scholarship.

Good luck!

Totally agree! It’s graduate student level and above research.

Thank you for the insight! I’ve looked at the past recipients for the literature category, and they’re all so talented! I’ve tried however looking to see if they posted their writing portfolio online, and I can’t seem to find any of them however. Do you know @MWolf if there is a way to view them?

I’m not sure, but try searching for their stuff by googling their names

I’m planning on applying for literature as well. However, I’ve found no way see examples of any of their work OR how they want the portfolio formatted. I’m hoping that once I get the initial application done, they’ll provide more info.

Same! I feel frustrated I can’t look at the portfolios they submitted to Davidson Fellows, but I was able to view some of their pieces that may or may not have been in their portfolio.

Have you started your application? I’m almost done with the intial part and hoping they elaborate when you get around to uploading the portfolio

I haven’t started yet, I’ve been working exclusively on my portfolio. I’m probably going to start today since the deadline is in nearly 2 weeks. Do you know how long they take to approve your application topic?

No idea, sorry. However, I just need to get my two nominators set and I’m all good! So once I get it turned in, I will absolutely keep you posted on the timeline

I’m a little confused, have you turned in anything yet to Davidson Fellows directly? Sorry if these questions are confusing, I think I was just unclear earlier. I’ve been working on my portfolio pieces, but haven’t started writing the attachments application yet.

I haven’t! Sorry, I know it’s confusing. I’ll try to explain it better.

If you click the “click here to apply” you get taken to a site where you have to get your project approved. You give the contact info of your nominators, the name of your project and a summary of it. You submit that, and then they have to approve your concept in order to access site where you actually upload your portfolio. Does that make more sense?

Ohh, I see! Thank you for clarifying! I’m actually at the point where I have to give a name and summary of my project.

I just got my project approved, but one of my nominators already submitted the recommender form…I’m worried now because it was my teacher that I barely shared any of my portfolio with yet :upside_down_face:. Idk what to do, what if this lowers my chances?

I’ve been waiting for about 3-4 days for the approval…is this normal or is my project disqualified?

Hm…that’s strange, they approved me in less than a day. I wouldn’t worry, they probably have an influx of approvals right now, so I would just wait one more day before emailing them.

omg i just submitted my literature portfolio ahhhHH

does anyone know if the parent signatures form things have to be submitted before the march 13th deadline?

I thought the deadline was March 10th to submit everything?