Davidson or Washington and Lee

<p>I am considering both of these schools in my college searches. Which is the better small school for an out-of-stater in terms of costs, academics (I plan to major in a liberal art), and general on-campus atmosphere?</p>

<p>I know kids who have applied to both and either from my son's school. There seems to be a favoring of Davidson, but, really the two schools are both excellent southern LACs.</p>

<p>It depends on the atmosphere you are seeking, since both schools are absolutely top-notch academically, but have a different feel on campus, IMO. Davidson, is strictly limited to an undergraduate population, so the focus and relationships between professors and students is incredible ( not that it isn't at W and L) just different. The Davidson campus is actually now considered a "bedroom" community of Charlotte and the access to Lake Lanier ( school has it's own area on the lake) and to a large city is a big draw for many kids. The campus is beautiful, the acceptance to grad. school of student's top choice is incredible and tuition is still less than W and L. Davidson instituted a no loan policy for students who qualify for certain levels of FA and scholarship $ are certainly available. Admit rate maybe slightly higher for Davidson than W and L this past year-check their Common Data Set. W and L is in one of the most gorgeous areas of the US and has, if possible, an even stronger alumni network than Davidson. Their law school is considered one of the US's strongest outside of the Ivies and grad. school placement is excellent. The greek system is a huge part of life at W and L-so if that is great with you-terrific-while both schools have kids that enjoy a good time the party atmosphere and ETOH consumption has gained a fair amount of notice among parents, etc. Again, all of those things are important to know if they are factors in your comfort level at a particular school. </p>

<p>Bottom line is they are both terrific schools and you wll get a wonderful education at either place!</p>

<p>Georgiatwins has it right, both fine academic institutions. D visited both (we are from out of state) and found the campuses each had a distinctly different feel. W&L appeared to be steeped in tradition, Davidson perhaps less so. Greek is definitely a presence at W&L. Being from out of state, one less important thing to consider is the location of each school and the ease of transportation getting to and from campus--W&L is a lovely campus off the beaten track located in a quaint historic town. Getting there is a drive from any significant airport--you'd have to fly into Roanoke to get anywhere close. D leaning to Davidson, just a better fit for her.</p>

<p>My daughter is going to be a junior at Davidson and loves it. We are from NH and it is so easy to fly in and out of Charlotte. The flights are very inexpensive also. She loves the eating house/frat system and never really wants to leave campus, although they take road trips from time to time. The academics are challenging and can be stressful, but she has always found time to have a good time. She is going abroad next semester, but will be missing Davidson, I'm sure. Both good schools, but once she visited Davidson, there was no other choice. Also, we have received amazing financial aid at Davidson. They have more than exceeded our hopes. No loans are offered. Only grants and work study.</p>

<p>Nice to hear about Davidson from another NHite. Our son is an incoming freshman and he is very much looking forward to it. One of his high school pals is going as well.</p>

<p>Both schools are excellent academically, so it really comes down to your wants in a college. Tuition may be less at Davidson, but Washington and Lee is renowned for dishing out incredible amounts of financial aid grants. I have heard of students whose parents make over 500k get financial aid. Probably the most important thing to consider is if you are looking to party in college. Washington and Lee is much more of a "work hard, play harder" school than Davidson, and it was voted to be the frattiest school in America, so take that as you will.</p>

<p>Davidson does have D1 sports, which Washington and Lee does not have, and as a whole, W&L students do not really support their teams unless they have good friends playing, with a few notable exceptions, namely lacrosse.</p>

<p>I'm about to enter my senior year at Washington and Lee, and I honestly feel no other college would have been a better fit for me. It really is a love or hate thing though. I would say that the vast majority of students absolutely love it, but the very slim minority who dont love it often end up transferring. The best bet would be to try to stay the night with a student while visiting and go to some classes and see how both schools are once you get past the admissions office.</p>

<p>Why not apply to both? That is a good strategy to use when you want to compare aid packages. I think both schools are fine ones with great reputations so you really can't lose whichever one you end up choosing.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the replies. Just wanted to get some outside opinions before I visited the schools and heard what they had to say. Visited davidson today and I have to say I was very impressed. Then again this was the first of many college visits to come</p>

<p>Apply to both but I would suggest Washington & Lee</p>