Davidson RD 2025

Hey guys, didn’t see an rd thread so I thought I’d make one. Very tempted to apply ED2 but I decided to do regular, personally.

I was tempted to go ED2 as well, but I decided not to! I really hope I can get in

My D applied RD. It is one of her top choices, but we are chasing merit so never considered ED. Good luck!

D21 applied RD as well. Merit is super limited just fyi. Our high stat S19 at Bowdoin was accepted to DAvidson and didn’t get any merit. Davidson doesn’t even give anything for NMF. Even Bowdoin threw him $1000/year for that.

D21 is excited about this one. It’s one of the two she’s visited on her list but it was back when she was a freshman in high school and we were visiting for S19.

Wish we didn’t have to wait so long!

You are correct about the very limited merit given. What is given is highly competitive and our D is aware that will play into our decision with med school a possibility.

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I’m just realizing how much overlap we have with our D’s applications! :grin:

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I’m glad to see a Davidson thread! My D21 applied ED1 and there was no thread for that - we felt a little lonely waiting for Dec 15 to roll around. :laughing: Good luck to everyone!


S applied RD to Davidson.

Visited SB of 2019 and snowflakes fell while we sat in the info session which was great for us FL folks.
S lived on campus for 3 weeks during a Duke Tip summer there.
Any idea when acceptances are released? (Feb? Or March?)

Mid March

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Ty, Homerdog.:+1:

D21 submitted her application a few days late, but everything shows up on her Davidson portal. Does this mean her application will still be considered?

No one here can answer that. Just call Davidson. I assume it’s all good since she has a portal but I would call just to be sure.

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Thank you very much!

I applied RD. In-state. Also applied for both Belk and Duke. We will see!

You and I seem to have applied to the same exact schools haha

Omg really? Where are you from? That’s awesome! Good luck to you :slight_smile:

Good Luck to everyone. My D was admitted ED2. She had been rejected to Duke. Deferred to Univ of R (EA) and waitlisted at UNC Chapel Hill (EA). Im
Relieved that this stress of applications is over.


That’s great - congrats! I had the same thing - rejected by Duke, waitlisted at UNC, deferred at NC State.

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Has anyone heard about Belk or Duke? Good luck!