Davidson - Scholarships for International Students

<p>I know the question of scholarships for International Students comes up a lot and I didn't see anything about Davidson's $10-million gift to establish a scholarship program for talented International students. </p>

<p>Davidson already does a great job for talented US students.</p>

<p>Davidson</a> College</p>

<p>The Alvarez family has donated $10mill for financial aid for international students at Davidson. That is a very generous gift and has to be one of the larger ones given to the school. I don't think it is still enough to fund Davidson so that it can be need blind AND meet 100% need to international students. </p>

<p>Davidson is one of the few colleges that is need blind in admissions AND meets 100% need to US students. In addition, there are some merit awards for the most coveted student and athletic awards to boot. Unusual for a school of that size. It is a very fine school and has s strong endowment and priorities to attract the best students. </p>

<p>The Alvarez gift will certainly mean more aid for international students but not enough for Davidson to be need blind for that group. Though $10 million is a huge amount, it does not get distributed all at once, but amortized over a long period of time for pay out.</p>

<p>I believe Wesleyan U also has a similar fund for international students.</p>