Davis Welcome Packets

<p>My kids just got their welcome packets in the mail. (At least, one assumes that is what they are since my sons received similar packets from other Universities which admitted them.) </p>

<p>Someone had posted that they thought Davis didn’t send paper packets, but I am glad they do, the other college packets do get referred back to, and meanwhile they smile at my kids from the coffee table. A university that didn’t send them would be at a disadvantage.</p>

<p>I do kind of wonder at the date of the letter showing through the window: March 14. If that were really when this was mailed, that would be even poorer delivery service than usual…</p>

<p>Maybe they just used March 14 (decision day online) for all the letters? I guess my son will see it in the mail today and share it with me tonight. I think it is nice to have the admit packet. My son talked about how elaborate UCR’s was. </p>

<p>I haven’t got mine yet. Probably because I’m an international student and will get it in a few days time only. </p>

<p>S got his yesterday. Totally soaked from a fast moving, but soaking rain yesterday afternoon. Still drying out, but legible!</p>

<p>Ok . . . this helps me to understand. My son was notified of his acceptance to UCD via email on Sat. 3/15. And then, on Thurs. 4/3 we received the UCD packet . . which is dated 3/14/14 . . . that mentions that “Admitted student day” is Sat. 4/5. I thought that maybe a neighbor had received it by accident and just now realized and dropped it off to us! But it seems that UCD must have mailed it late! </p>

<p>what does the packet include? mine has decision letter + brochure (sort of)</p>

<p>The college of agriculture and environmental science acceptance packet came with star confetti. :3 Mine (college of biological sciences) came with the brochure+ decision letter. </p>

<p>The one of my sons’ which has been opened came with the brochure and letter. His brother looked at that one and assumed his would be identical, and hasn’t opened his yet (he is gone this weekend). The possibility of confetti is an incentive however… but he didn’t apply to agriculture and environmental sciences… :(</p>

<p>Off topic, but did any of you attend the admitted student day this past Saturday? If so, what did you think of the speakers. They absolutely and unfortunately turned my daughter off to Davis. : (</p>

<p>@anotherlamemom Oh no! I guess we were lucky to not go! I am taking the boys to Spring Insight at UCSB this weekend, and they have their break next week, so I was going to take them to Davis then, when school is in session. When we went before it was summer and pretty deserted. I guess it is just as well – I hope UCSB’s spring insight doesn’t have the same draw backs! I’d like the kids to make their decisions based on more meritorious reasons.</p>