Day Private Schools - Northshore Boston

Anyone accepted or waitlisted in day private schools north of Boston? DS wants a full or majority day school as he is apprehensive about day/boarding cliques at school.

We are deciding between Pingree and St John’s Prep with WLs at Concord Academy, Governor’s and Rivers (more south but we applied anyway).

As a parent of two day students, we applied to a mix of day/boarding and only day schools in the Boston area, but just wanted to give my two cents (for what it’s worth!) that my girls are current day students at a junior boarding school and really wanted a similar scenario for high school (despite the fact that we definitely had more local day schools than day/boarding for them to consider). They haven’t experienced that clique that we were initially concerned about and love having friends from all over the globe in terms of the different perspectives that provides in and out of the classroom. Boarding students definitely spend more time together and naturally have a different type of relationship so, I totally get the concern. But, my kids haven’t experienced any major divides socially between the boarders/day students (fingers crossed that won’t change for HS). I noticed your handle is “LaxDad” and I think that if your son is also an athlete that makes a big difference. My girls are athletes and their primary friend groups were on their sports teams regardless if they were day/boarders. And, athletes spend so much time together on campus, I’ve heard that in HS your day student is rarely home! :slight_smile: Good luck in your decision-making process!

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Thank you for that feedback, we got decisions to make!

It’s great to know that the day/boarding student integration is good at the junior BS, the experience maybe school specific. DS would love the international aspect to the school. It will happen at the college level anyway, but right now he is happy at the possibility of interacting with kids from multiple towns in MA/NH.

Great point about sports teams, he is a lax player and definitely looking forward to being part of a team. If it means being away from home, so be it!

My son went to SJP for 6th-9th, then repeated 9th at Pingree where he is currently a junior. Feel free to PM me any questions you may have about either school!

Also looks like we have lax in common, LOL. Happy to answer questions about the team. :slight_smile:

Thank you for replying, will PM you directly!