Dayton or St. Bonaventure

I am very conflicted between two schools and my time for choosing is waning

School A (St. Bonaventure University)
Pros: I like the campus
Sense of Franciscan community
Mainly it is cheaper, $19,000 after taking out a loan

Smaller School (1,500 undergrad)
My entire family and my best friend went/are going there. I kind of want to get away from everything I Know

School B (University of Dayton)
Pros: I also love their campus
I like their academic program better for what I want to study
Larger enrollment (8,000)

Further from home (distance is important, but will not make or break my decision)
More Expensive $29,000 with a loan TC)

As an aside I am planning on doing International Studies and participating in Army ROTC, if I do ROTC and commit to it, cost will become a non factor. (Not that I would ever consider doing it for just the money) and Have two sisters currently at UD

UD is a great school. I’ve been on campus several times with friends from my high school and they’ve all loved it. Many students there are from out of state, so you wouldn’t be alone in wanting to get away from what you’ve always known. It’s a great school to do that at because of it being a private school in just outside a decent sized city. Everything you could ever need is within walking distance, and the campus is just amazing and full of life, especially early in the fall semester. If you want to explore, the suburbs of Dayton like Kettering, Centerville, and Miamisburg are full of great people and things to do. It’s my goal to one day return to the Dayton area for those reasons. It’s one of the best places I’ve ever been, and I know you would accomplish your goal of experiencing life and trying new things at UD. If you can afford it (which was the main reason I went to nearby WSU instead of UD), you should take the chance and come to UD. You won’t regret it.

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