Dc metro area & virginia---looking for universities

<p>Which one would you choose?</p>

<p>(FOR ACADEMICS, COMMUNITY SERVICE, STUDY ABROAD, FOOD, DORMS, TUITION---don't really care for the party scene, altho a plus)</p>

<p>James Madison, Loyola Maryland, Johns Hopkins, Catholic, Virginia Tech, American, George Mason, George Washington.</p>

<p>I would go with Loyola-Maryland.</p>

<p>If I could choose between all of those I would go with Hopkins because the campus is beautiful, they have a great history program, and I thrive in an atmosphere that includes competition and a somewhat heavy workload.</p>

<p>Hopkins has the best reputation for sure and is in a different league from the others. Study abroad and internship opportunities seem to be excellent in part because they are known for international relations (it may be a bigger major than biology).</p>

<p>I don't know very much about George Mason, JMU and Vetch but I'm familiar with GWU, American, Catholic, Johns Hopkins and Loyola MD. That being said, if financial aid packages were equal, I would chose to go to GWU because it's actually in DC. American and Catholic are too far out from the city center for me and I don't care for Baltimore.
There is a huge difference in the atmosphere of GWU and Catholic/American because GWU is more urban and Catholic/American are more suburban. Some people like GWU's urban feel and some don't just as some people prefer Catholic's/American's environments and some don't. You should visit to find out which type of campus you feel more comfortable at.</p>

<p>Although all of those schools are excellent, JHU stands out from the rest. As far as I am concerned, given the choice of any of those schools, and financial considerations aside, Johns Hopkins would be obvious, no-brainer pick.</p>

<p>Yes, I also like JHU a lot, because after all it does have the best rep and is top ranked among the major im considering, but was a little concerned with Baltimore being unsafe.</p>

<p>What about UVA and Georgetown? But yeah, out of those JHU is probably the most solid.</p>