DC Resident??

<p>Does being a DC resident help? I actually have been attending a private residential school PA since 5th grade. Any ideas?</p>

<p>Students are classified geographically based on where they attend school, so if you’re saying that you’ve been attending a private residential school in Pennsylvania since 5th grade, then you would be grouped with all the other applicants from Pennsylvania.</p>

<p>There are some things like [The</a> President’s Scholarship for DC Students](<a href=“http://finaid.georgetown.edu/page/1242672860685.html]The”>http://finaid.georgetown.edu/page/1242672860685.html), but it explicitly says “for students from high schools located in the District of Columbia,” so, again, you wouldn’t qualify if you go to school in Pennsylvania.</p>

<p>dzleprechaunm, interesting. so does that mean that if a student was from an under-represented state…like nebraska or idaho, that they might have an easier time than say a kid from virginia?</p>

<p>Ceteris paribus, yes, but obviously all other things are not equal, which is the main cause of under-representation to begin with. A kid from Nebraska or Idaho is also going to have a harder time getting access to the sorts of opportunities that someone from (urban-ish, anyway, rather than somewhere like Bath County) Virginia would have. Everyone is evaluated within the context of their school and circumstances. In his long interview in The Hoya this fall, Charlie Deacon did make the point that it can be more difficult for someone from, say, Greenwich, CT to stand out. Then again, you will still end up with many more students from Greenwich than from Idaho because you’ve got a much larger number of high-scoring, competitive applicants living there.</p>

<p>Dear O/P,</p>

<p>What is the point of the question?
If it helps or not, so what?
G’town does its thing.
You’ve done your thing, you live where you live, you do your best and you apply.
And you either get in or you don’t.</p>

<p>My advice - don’t sweat these things, it’s extraneous and will drive you crazy if you let it.</p>