DD is considering WWC

<p>My daughter is convinced she has found her ideal college; she's a high school junior right now but is in love with WW. We've got a visit coming up, but I'd love some input on a few things.
First of all, I'm not at all concerned about the liberal leaning or the "birkenstock-wearing, tree-hugging" part of the environment. What DOES concern me is that the school seems to be ranked #1 in pot smoking. We are a pretty stringent anti-drug household (probably our one non-liberal leaning!), so this is an issue for us.
Also, the Princeton Review gives the campus a pretty poor rating for fire safety. Anyone know why?

<p>My D, now a college freshman, was also in love with WWC when she was a junior in HS. We attended their summer Open House before her senior year, and that reinforced her interest. The campus is unique among all those we visited, and we loved Asheville.</p>

<p>That said, we didn't of course observe any pot smoking while visiting, although we did have lunch with a very open administrator who admitted it happens. A larger part of the conversation was about cigarette smoking...lots of it, starting with the student driving the van from the parking lot. The administrator said she is amazed that so many students dedicated to the environment smoke.</p>

<p>I don't recall fire safety being an issue, and we were not shown any dorms on our day there. I'm sure if you ask the right person you'll get a good answer.</p>

<p>For various reasons my D did not choose to go to WWC. I wish you and your D good luck with her choice!</p>

<p>The lower rating for fire safety is probably due to its rural location; distance to a fire station is further than for in-town colleges.</p>

<li><p>Pot-smoking - it happens on every college campus. People have a mis-conception that it occurs "out in the open" at WWC and it is condoned. My daughter says it is more perception than reality.
Neither is true from what I have seen. My d is a junior - she lives in Wellness housing and likes it. When she first arrived there used to be a college "tradition" in the fall where the students would have a "bubba" in the ballfield - they brought in kegs etc and everyone was invited. My d never went but that has stopped. There is a new president who really has, from what I have heard, cracked down on underage and illegal behaviors.</p></li>
<li><p>Smoking - there is no smoking allowed in campus buildings or vehicles. Smoking on campus is only allowed in a few locations which from what I hear the "smokers" are not too happy about. I, too, am surprised that anyone so concerend about the environment would smoke but it goes with youth and the "hippie" culture - not that I condone it, I do not. My daughter does not smoke and neither do her friends.</p></li>
<li><p>fire safety - the dorms are wooden. constructed with wood from the farm. the campus is rural. I <em>think</em> there are sprinklers in every dorm. A few years ago there was a fire and I think the dorm burned down - before my daughter got here. No injuries from what I remember can't recall the cause.</p></li>

<p>welmoed - feel free to pm me. I had the same concerns as you when my daughter went. I have strict non smoking and no drug rules for my own children as well.</p>