Deadline Question

<p>My D would like to know how important it is to submit her application electronically by the preferred date of December 15th. She would like to wait until Monday (the 19th) so she can include her last SAT II score on the face of the application. She thinks it will be her best SAT II score and wants to make as strong a first impression as possible. If she submits tomorrow, she'll have to leave that score off the application.</p>

<p>Her application is pretty strong...good scores, hard classes, NMSF, Nat'l Hispanic Scholar, national awards, URM, two strong essays, etc..., but rank is her weak point (school has weird grading system). D assumes (correctly) that most applicants have just as strong, if not stronger, credentials. She really thinks she needs to mitigate the weak rank in any way possible and that includes showing a killer Lit SAT score on her app.</p>

<p>Any advice? Better to wait, or click the send button?</p>

<p>It is not that important. It is just so that the people in the mailroom who sort the applications don't have to sort in a rush but rather take the time.</p>