deadline to enroll/should I enroll in another class?

<p>I'm currently enrolling for Winter Quarter 2009 Freshmen year and I only have Math 20D and Phys 2A officially enrolled and I'm currently waitlisted for Warren Writing 10B and Chem 6B Johnson(1st place for Warren, 2nd place for Chem 6b). I don't want to cause a dilemma with my financial aid since I'm only officially enrolled in 8 units. </p>

<p>So what I want to know is, when is the deadline for me to enroll as a full-time student so that I don't cause a discrepancy with my financial aid and also whether I should stay on the waitlist since I'm really close or should I just enroll in open sections that will fit my schedule.</p>

<p>you know the people at the virtual advising center are really helpful and respond fairly quickly. cos i dont have an answer for your question.</p>

<p>also isnt dec 19th, tomorrow, the deadline for enrollment before you get charged a late enrollment fee? </p>

<p>this is my first quarter enrolling (winter admit) so i dont really know what thats about.</p>

<p>Financial aid only cares that you take 36 units in a year, summer included. They will probably mail you a letter at the end of the quarter warning you that you may be short on units, but don't take any action until the following year.</p>

<p>My friend took 32 units F, W, S and 4 over summer and was fine.</p>

<p>i've never heard of anyone paying the late enrollment fee ... don't you have until the end of 2nd week to add a class? that's pretty generous already.</p>