<p>for online applications is the deadline 12:59 E.S.T. on Dec. 31 or 12:59 E.S.T. on Jan. 1? does this deadline differ for the common app and the supplement? please give a definitive answer</p>

<p>I would send it in by today just in case.</p>

<p>I believe you have to send it in by the 11:59 PM January 1, but I would send it in as soon as possible anyway.</p>

<p>huh? is it the common app? sorry but where do they state that precise deadline?
please, make it jan 1, a couple more hours to sleep bleeeeeech</p>

<p>sorry i meant 11:59 not 12:59 ... i just mean by the end of the day on dec. 31 or jan. 1</p>