Deadlines--Due or Postmarked?

<p>For Swat's deadlines, are apps due or must they only be postmarked?</p>


<p>Thanks interesteddad. By the way, you and achat are so helpful! Thanks so much for all you have ever written on these boards. Also, I was wondering how your daughter is doing. On the old forum--when I was under the name quintessential-- you told me she was studying physics. How is that class going for her?</p>

<p>I think she really enjoyed the first half of the course on Special Relativity. She just started the second half on Quantum Mechanics. Loves the Professor.</p>

<p>She's wrestling with course selection going forward. Physics is the kind of thing where it really only makes sense to continue if you plan to major in Physics. Plus, majoring Physics pretty much locks in half of your courses over four years (counting the math requirements). So, even though she doesn't declare a major until next year, she's kind of at the point of deciding whether Physics is still a possibility.</p>