Dealing with College Board re "Unavailable" Test Scores

<p>Hi all --</p>

<p>Just wondering if anyone has experience getting the College Board to expedite "unavailable" SAT test scores. Situation is this: D took SAT's in May. CB indicated on line and by phone that her scores are not yet ready. Since others from her test site have their results, I assume the problem is not a box of test that straggled in late. I'm assuming the issue has to do with grading the writing, since Math and Crit Reading can be done entirely by machine. </p>

<p>We would like to know the scores sooner rather than later in terms of whether to take ACT's and in making decisions as to which SAT II's might be wisest to take 11 days from now. </p>

<p>In talking with the CB SAT office, I discovered 1) they won't reveal the problem with a specific test until next week and 2) even if the problem is with the writing section, they will not reveal CR and Math scores until the whole test is scored. Actually, the nicer SAT people in Princeton said they'd email the Scoring Section (which apparently is unavailable by phone or by email to the general public) to see if it could be done. The New York people (truly without provocation) were immediately huffy, semi-shouting that they don't do that and they don't have to give out scores for 8 weeks and pretty much nanny nanny foo foo. They were, in fact, a bit difficult to deal with.</p>

<p>Common sense leads me to conclude that the delayed-score tests are not just lying around a room in utter chaos, but that the reasons for delay have been coded and intput and that the tests are being processed in an organized way. It would seem that whoever had access to a CB screen would be able to see the reason a specific test was delayed and, if sub-scores exist, to put their hands on them.</p>

<p>Has anyone had experience with this?</p>

<p>The problem could be something such as an investigation of a major problem at the test center, which would invalidate all scores. That's probably why the NY office won't release any info. There could have been cheating allegations or a problem with time, for example.</p>

<p>The NY office probably also is being innundated with calls from angry and frantic students and parents and that may have added to the person's irritation when you called. Many of the people calling will be in similar situations as yours in terms of figuring out what tests to take next.</p>

<p>My son's scores are not ready either. I called the cb and they were very nice, but I am in the dark as to why they are not in. My son was very disappointed that they are unavailable. It is unsettling to me as well. They say to keep checking bcs they just might get posted before Monday. Are they really working on this over Memorial Day week-end? They told me that it has nothing to do with the essay scoring, and that they just get the scores and put them up in batches. I honestly do not think the people that answer the phones know why there is no score, just that they do not have it. They know that my son took the test bcs they have that in their records. Sorry I cannot help you, I wish I had the answers for my son.</p>

<p>My D scores says the same thing. they said will be available May 30. i went to sent scores and I saw her scores there. They said the score report is not ready.</p>

<p>When D takes SAT II's, you better believe we'll send the scores to some random college. It seems that this will help us avoid needless waiting. Northeastmom, if you sent scores to colleges, see if you can find scores there and let us know!</p>

<p>I went on the sent scores, but there were no scores. He did not have scores sent anywhere. Also, the CB does not have them, they checked for me.</p>

<p>Nester, this should go under the "if I knew then what I know know" post.</p>

<p>chill. This is frustrating, no doubt, but I can't imagine a scenario where having the scores delayed a week or even a month will change your kids life one iota. It's not as though it's two weeks before ED app's are due and the scores aren't's only May and you don't need the scores sent anywhere for months.</p>

<p>I am a habitual worrier and a little compulsive (OK a lot compulsive) and it's these little "out of my control" things that drove me nuts. If I knew then what I know now.... ignore it, it will be resolved, in the end it won't matter. </p>

<p>I predict for all the parents of rising seniors.... one application will get lost in the mail. One teacher's recc will have a huge typo in the first line, which the GC will tell your kid about right before he/she goes into a midterm exam. One school will have no record of your kid applying even though they cashed your check. One school will have its online app server go down right before your kid pushes "send".</p>

<h1>$%^ happens and get used to it now! It will be a very long year otherwise.</h1>

<p>Checked the scores which also said they'd be available May 30th. However, clicked on "Send scores to college" radio button and scores came up...just no score report! Try it!</p>

<p>This happened to us in March. My son got his later in the week. We called too. They said they score so many tests per week, his ended up being available a few days before the second date they gave us. They said to check back the following Monday as scores were not up loaded until the next Sunday night. I also found an article about the written essay saying they were all completely graded in the first ten days after the test was taken. But s just kept checking once a night and before that Sunday he had the scores on line. This was awful for me more than him, but all his classmates got theirs on the first day. he had to wait a few days more. Nothing we could do to change it.</p>

<p>Apparently this is quite common, and, in fact, the college board does say on its web site that a small number of scores will not be posted on the listed date. </p>

<p>My daughter went through this on the March test. A call to the College Board was useless. Her scores were finally posted about 10 days after the day the college board said scores would be online. She actually received the mailed scores a few days after that. Like you, we were anxious to know them so she could decide whether to sign up for the May SAT --- she decided to sign up anyhow, thinking she could just not take it if her scores were good enough when they did finally come in. We had also ordered the booklet that gives you all of the results of your answers. Would have been nice to have THAT before the May test, but it actually arrived three weeks late as well!</p>

<p>They WILL come eventually. Just think of this as good practice for next year, when there will be lots and lots of waiting for admissions news. :)</p>

<p>My son just got home from school. I good deal of other kids did not get their scores either. Some of them were in his testing center and others went elsewhere locally.</p>

<p>Carolyn, our son took the March test and got those scores on time, but the booklet we ordered also did not come until a few days after the May test. At least we have scores. I think it is more unsettling if one does not have any scores. CB assured son that his test is in the scoring process.</p>

<p>Nester any news yet? Somebody on SAT and ACT tests message board said that they got their scores today. Apparently they did not bubble the spelling of their name correctly. My son's test they said was not scored yet. This person said it either did not make the first scoring run, or there could have been a stray mark that did not allow the scanner to score the test. They really do not why though.</p>

<p>Hi Northeastmom, Nada. Just checked, and just like yesterday, it says to check back in 5-7 days. And when I spoke with CB yesterday, they said that they'd give the reason for the delay if the test wasn't scored next week. Frustrating, huh?</p>

<p>Listen to them. When they say 5-7 days, the College Board means at least that long, possibly longer.</p>

<p>Oh it is frustrating, and it has only been a day late. The people answering the phones really seem not to know why there is a delay. I take a little bit of comfort in knowing that a few others in son's school also do not have scores. This leads me to lean toward guessing that they just simply were not scored, and not the more unusual reasons possible. CB assures me that other tests were just not scored yet bcs "they did not make the first scoring run". It does not seem too many on this board do not have scores yet.</p>

<p>My daughter didn't get her March scores until 10 days after the announced online release date. It WAS frustrating. Several of her friends also did not get them until a later date. As I said, it helps to think of this as good practice for what lies ahead next fall and winter: months of waiting for admissions decisions :)</p>

<p>Did you try clicking on registrations? My daughter's profile page said score unavailable until May 30th, but when I clicked on registrations, her scores were there. Her essay score is unavailable for some reason. Guess we have to wait til the 30th for that.</p>

<p>MomOFour yes we tried that. It does not work for us. Carolyn, this is in fact and excercise in waiting. It just would have been helpful not to have expected the scores when they said they would be ready on his organizer.</p>

<p>Guess what we finally got!!!!!! The scores just appeared on line this afternoon and we are happy and done with our SATs!!!!!!!</p>